Employee Safety Awards from NC Department of Labor

NCDOL Gold and Silver Awards are administered annually by the NCDOL Commissioner of Labor, Cherie Berry, to recognize organizations with injury/illness rates at least 50% below national averages.

For 2010, the City of Winston-Salem received 29 Gold Awards and 12 Silver Awards.

The Gold Award is based on DART incidence rate, a standardized mathematical calculation used by OSHA to compare statistically significant injury and illness data. DART stands for Days Away from work, Restrictions and Transfer duty. These pertain to cases that require an employee to miss days of work, be placed on restricted duty assignments, or transferred temporarily to a different type of work that fits their restrictions. It is a measure of on-the-job injury and illness for 100 employees per 200,000 hours worked. The Silver Award is based on the CDAW incident rate which identifies only those cases involving Days Away from Work.

Both of these rates are determined from OSHA 300 Log recordkeeping criteria. All city locations with 10+ employees are required to track injury and illness cases on their 300 Log, posting the information February through April at the city location for which they represent. DART and CDAW rates vary from industry to industry; year to year, with no set industry standard. OSHA does utilize these industry rates to determine the overall ‘health’ of the business entity’s safety program, which in turn can determine the amount of OSHA’s involvement with the organization. Winston-Salem manages to sustain DART and CDAW rates that keep us in respectable standing with the North Carolina Department of Labor.

To qualify for the Gold or Silver award, the DART or CDAW rate must be at least 50% below the national average for the same type industry. As an entity, the City of Winston-Salem incorporates multiple industry types so several applications are required to accurately represent the total of our services. Winston-Salem has made application for these awards the last three years; 2008, 2009, and 2010. We have a total of 48 locations that could potentially qualify for an award. In 2008 we received 35 total awards, 37 in 2009, and 40 awards for 2010. For 2010, we received 29 Gold Awards, and 12 Silver Awards.

To help insure the City of Winston-Salem maintains its high standards for workplace safety, and continues in its pursuit of the lowest injury and illness rates, we have built a safety program that seeks to identify and eliminate workplace hazards through regular assessments and inspections, Job Safety Analysis to identify hazards down to the ‘task’ level, employee and management interaction through active safety committees utilizing a bottom-up and top-down communication matrix, and with classroom training on OSHA-recommended subject matter based on all applicable OSHA Standards. Employees as well as management have been given a voice to bring safety concerns to the forefront in order to affect change. This approach to safety management has enabled the city to achieve these safety awards and inspires us to one day pursue the Public Sector Star Award; the highest safety achievement possible in North Carolina. Commissioner of Labor Cherie Berry recognizes our achievements and urges the City of Winston-Salem to pursue this climax achievement. 

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