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Marketing and Communications - July 22, 2019

City residents are invited to the unveiling ceremony for Winston-Salem’s Arts, Culture, and Entertainment Memorial Walk of Fame at the Benton Convention Center at 9 a.m. Friday, July 26. The program will be held in Winston Room 3A at the Benton Convention Center, 301 W. Fifth St.

The Walk of Fame honors deceased Winston-Salem residents who made a significant contribution in music, dance, theater, writing, visual arts, motion pictures, television, or radio. Honorees lived in Winston-Salem for at least 5 years, exhibited sustained excellence in their field for at least five years and made distinguished contributions to the community. Each honoree is recognized with a brass medallion embedded in the sidewalk outside the convention center. 

Inaugural honorees are The “5” Royales (musicians and recording artists), John Iuele (musician and conductor), Larry Leon Hamlin (actor, director, playwright and theatre producer), R. Philip Hanes Jr. (arts patron and philanthropist), William S. Scales (film producer, theater owner & impresario), Chris Murrell (singer and recording artist), Robert L. Wise Sr. (radio evangelist), Doris Pardington (director and theatre company manager),  John Henry Heath, (singer and actor) and Norman Johnson (musician, conductor and opera director).

Nominations for the Walk of Fame are accepted once a year and reviewed by the city’s 
Memorial Walk of Fame Nominating Committee, a diverse panel of citizens representing various artistic disciplines and fields within the entertainment industry. The committee in turn recommends honorees to the mayor and City Council.

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