Street names and addresses are very important. They provide a common, systematic means by which people, places, and events can be located within a community. Street name and address information is commonly used in local government to dispatch emergency services, provide municipal services, process tax billing, describe locations, and record events. It is also used by the United States Postal Service, utilities, delivery services, and the populace as they go about their work and everyday way finding. Addresses are the most common system of location used by people around the world.

The City-County Planning Department is responsible for addressing and street naming functions in Forsyth County and in all the municipalities within the county, exclusive of Kernersville, King and High Point. To view the Addressing and Street Naming procedures or the Winston-Salem or Forsyth County Addressing Ordinance, click on the appropriate link below.

Questions about Addressing or Street Naming?  Please contact:

Ben Stamey, Address Coordinator
Planning Department
100 East First Street
Winston-Salem, NC  27101
phone: 336.747.7048


Revised: 10/1/2013