If you are interested in applying for rezoning, major and minor subdivisions, Special use Permits (requiring elected body approval), Planning Board Review items, and UDO text amendments, please contact Aaron King at (336)747-7068 to discuss your request. Our staff will determine what applications are needed and will explain how the development process relates to your request. Although it is not required, a discussion with LUA staff is generally recommended to provided information and answer questions about your request.

Applications for Items Requiring Planning Board Approval

Rezoning-General Use Application [pdf/151kb/1p]  (11/27/2018)
Rezoning-Special Use Limited Application [pdf/157kb/2p] (11/27/2018)
Rezoning-Special Use District Application [pdf/152kb/1p]  (11/27/2018)
Rezoning-Neighborhood Outreach Disclaimer [pdf/39.6kb/1p] (7/26/2017)
Special Use Permit (Requiring Elected Body Approval) Application [pdf/28kb/1p] (4/16/2014)
Final Development Plan Application [pdf/46kb/1p] (4/14/2009)
Application for Large-Scale Retail [pdf/145kb/8p] (4/13/2009)
Planning Board Review Application [pdf/42.2kb/1p] (4/13/2009)
Preliminary Approval-Subdivision & Multifamily Development Application [pdf/28.1kb/1p] (4/13/2009)
SIDA (Special Intense Development Allocation) Application [pdf/47kb/1p] (4/16/2014)
Text Amendment Application [pdf/39.9kb/2p] (4/13/2009)
Zoning Nonpetitioning Owner Notice Application [pdf/12kb/1p] (1/29/2015)

Revised 11/27/2018

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