Major Case/Unsolved Homicides – 1981-1990

Major Case/Unsolved Homicides – 1981-1990


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Nicholson, Thressa – IR# 045253

 Date of Incident: August 4, 1990 Location: 408 Lakeview Drive

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Counts, Theodore M. – IR# 007624

 Date of Incident: February 8, 1990 Location: 2846 Piedmont Circle

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Roseborough, Thomas Leon – IR# 977301

 Date of Incident: December 18, 1989 Location: 1512 Pittsburg Court

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Tatum, Anton Juan – IR# 932829

 Date of Incident: May 22, 1989 Location: 1821 Short Street

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Aman, David F. – IR# 840161

 Date of Incident: July 8, 1988 Location: 1300 W. First Street

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Smart, Carolyn G. – IR# 715710

 Date of Incident: March 12, 1987 Location: 118 Overlook Drive

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Thomas, Gilbert Cornelius – IR# 691765

 Date of Incident: December 15, 1986 Location: 3600 Old Greensboro Road

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Poole, Marvin Lewis – IR# 659104

 Date of Incident: December 12, 1986 Location: 10 Skyline Village

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Myer, Iamantha Stafford – IR# 718955

 Date of Incident: August 8, 1986 Location: 1500 N. Main Street

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McCray, Cornell L. – IR# 650519

 Date of Incident: July 19, 1986 Location: 1502 E. 14th Street

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Logan, Jessie – IR# 645608

 Date of Incident: July 1, 1986 Location: 1305 Free Street

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Sims, Eddie Albert – IR# 521862

 Date of Incident: April 5, 1985 Location: 1003 N. Patterson Avenue 

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Witherspoon, Charlene - IR# 420982

 Date of Incident: April 12, 1984 Location: 2000 Swaim Rd.

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Jefferson, Terry Maurice - IR# 407649

 Date of Incident: February 9, 1984 Location: 5100 Butterfield Drive 



Additional Information:  Other death investigations may be reviewed by the Cold Case Homicide Unit on a case-by-case basis. If you have information on these cases, or any other unsolved Homicide case, you can call the dedicated TIPS line phone answering system at (336) 726-2039 and leave a message or call Crimestoppers at (336) 727-2800 or the Crimestoppers Spanish line at (336) 728-3904. Other ways to share information is by completing the TIPS form and either submit it online or print and mail it to us at Attention: Cold Case Homicide Unit, Winston-Salem Police Department, P.O. Box 2511, Winston-Salem, NC 27102-2511.


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