Above and Beyond Awards

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Above and Beyond Awards

Each day, the men and women of the Winston-Salem Police Department engage in outstanding work that is vital to the safety and general well-being of the city. At times, our officers and non-sworn employees go well beyond the scope of their daily duties or perform in a manner that is exemplary and “Above and Beyond” what is expected of them. It is important that those acts be recognized and applauded.

All nominations for the Above and Beyond Award have been carefully considered and the following personnel have been selected:

Sergeant K. Krawczyk

Sergeant Krawczyk

Sergeant Krawczyk responded to a disturbance over money being owed for a hotel room. The family resided at the hotel temporarily while attempting to find a more long term solution. The family was able to find long term housing, but owed rental fees for their hotel stay. The hotel room was locked by the hotel staff due to the outstanding balance and the family needed to obtain their personal belongings. The family indicated they had used what money they had to secure housing.

The family had already suffered being displaced from their home and was now facing the loss of their personal belongings. Knowing this family was in financial distress, in need of their belongings and unable to pay the outstanding bill, Sergeant Krawczyk paid the remaining balance.

This unselfish act by Sergeant Krawczyk greatly impacted the well-being of the family and is deserving of recognition. The family now has long term housing and is doing well overall. For his unselfish actions in assisting this family, Sergeant Krawczyk is awarded the Above and Beyond Award.

Officer A. C. Sawyers and Officer M. L. Coggins

SawyersOfficers were dispatched in reference to a house breaking in progress. When officers arrived, they made contact with the resident, who called the police because she thought someone was breaking into her residence.

As Officer A. C. Sawyers and Officer M. L. Coggins were checking the residence, they noticed damage to the side door that leads into the residence. When they asked the the resident about the damage, they were advised it was old damage as a result of EMS gaining entry into the residence for a medical call.

The investigation revealed there was no breaking and no crime occurred. Due to the age of the resident and living alone with no family close by, the officers contacted the family to make them aware of this incident and to confirm they were aware of the  damage to the door. The family does not live close by and were not able to fix the lock in a reasonable time frame.

Officer Coggins

Officer Sawyers and Officer Coggins were not comfortable leaving the residence knowing the door was not secure, therefore Officer Coggins stood by the residence while Officer Sawyers went to Walmart. Officer Sawyers and Officer Coggins used their personal money to purchase a lock to replace the broken lock, securing the door so access could not be made into the residence. Officer Sawyers and Officer Coggins actions provided a safer and secure environment for the resident.

The resident called the police department and tried to pay the officers for the lock and repairing the door, but the officers refused to accept the money. The resident was thankful for the officers' service and deeply appreciated their kind acts and concern for their well-being.

For their noble acts in providing for the safety of the resident, these officers are awarded the Above and Beyond Award.

Thursday, December 3, 2015 - Medal of Merit

Officer T. T. McFadden

Officer McFadden

Chief Rountree will present the Winston-Salem Police Department's Medal of Merit to Police Officer Travis T. McFadden on Thursday, December 3, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. in the Public Safety Center Auditorium.

The Medal of Merit is presented to officers who performed in a manner that exceeded department standards and prevented a probable loss of life or serious injury.

Officer Travis. T. McFadden was reporting for duty at The Kingswood School, where he serves as the assigned School Resource Officer. Officer McFadden was traveling and observed a singe-vehicle collision that had taken place off the roadway, between R. J. Reynolds High School and Wiley Middle School. The vehicle involved was initially traveling eastbound when it crossed the center line and ran off the north side of the roadway. The vehicle collided with a steel structure that covers the tunnel access utilized by students to travel underneath to the gymnasium. The vehicle came to rest in the precarious position of being wedged on the walls of the tunnel, suspending it over the tunnel entrance. The transmission of the vehicle was still engaged, making the position of the vehicle very unstable. The driver was able to escape from the vehicle, but a small child was still inside, fastened in a car seat.

Officer McFadden arrived on the scene and was able to quickly assess the dangerous situation. He determined that significant injury or death could occur to the child if the unstable vehicle shifted and fell into the tunnel entrance - an approximately 10 foot drop. Officer McFadden took immediate action, and without regard to his own safety, by climbing into the suspended vehicle in an effort to render assistance and remove the child from the unstable vehicle. Officer McFadden safely removed the child from the vehicle, and away from danger. The child was not injured.

For Officer McFadden's quick response and decision to put the life of the child above his own safety, he is awarded the Medal of Merit.

Thursday, December 3, 2015 - Life Saving Medal

Officer S. C. Davis

Officer Davis

On September 2, 2015, Officer Davis responded to a reported deceased person call. When Officer Davis arrived, he located the victim lying on the bed while the children attempted to revive her. While Officer Davis checked the victim for a pulse, he noticed the victim was still warm to the touch. Officer Davis then placed the victim on the floor and took over CPR efforts until medical personnel arrived. The Winston-Salem Fire Department and Forsyth County EMS responded and the victim was transported to the hospital. By the time Officer Davis arrived at the hospital, the victim was stable and breathing without assistance.

For his actions, Officer Davis is awarded the Life-Saving Medal.

Officer R. T. Klejmont

Officer Klejmont

Officer Klejmont responded to a report of a drug overdose and CPR was administered by a subject in the apartment. Upon arrival, Officer Klejmont met with the reporting party, and was directed to the rear bedroom where the victim was located. He could see the victim was having very labored breathing, unresponsive and had a faint heartbeat.

Considering all witnesses were certain the victim was suffering from a drug overdose and unresponsive nature of the victim, Officer Klejmont administered a dose of Naloxone to the victim. After a few moments the victim's breathing became slightly better and appeared a little more alert. Forsyth County EMS arrived and continued additional life saving measures and the victim regained full consciousness.

For his actions in administering the Naloxone, Officer Klejmont is awarded the Life-Saving Medal.

Officer C. K. Robertson

Officer Robertson

Officers were dispatched to an unknown trouble call in reference to a subject who was unresponsive. The first officers to arrive located an unresponsive victim in the driver's seat of a vehicle. The victim's complexion was blue and gray and breathing was very shallow.

An associate of the victim advised officers that prior to passing out, the victim told him that she had taken a drug. At this time, Officer C. K. Robertson arrived and administered two doses of Naloxone. The Winston-Salem Fire Department and Forsyth County EMS arrived and checked the victim's vital and she was responsive. Forsyth County EMS transported the victim to the hospital and she recovered from the overdose.

For his actions in administering the Naloxone, Officer Robertson is awarded the Life-Saving Medal.

Friday, April 8, 2016 - Officers of the Year 2015

Corporal D. G. Smith and Officer D. W. Smith

Corporal Smith Chief Rountree will present the Winston-Salem Police Department's 2015 Officers of the Year to Corporal David G. Smith and Police Officer David W. Smith on Friday, April 8, 2016, at 4:00 p. m. in the Public Safety Center Auditorium.

Corporal D. G. Smith and Officer D. W. Smith responded to a single vehicle accident on Silas Creek Parkway. Communications advised there was a single vehicle that had left the roadway and was in Peters Creek.

Corporal D. G. Smith and Officer D.W. Smith were the first to arrive on the scene. They discovered that the involved vehicle had left the roadway and traveled down an embankment where the vehicle landed on the driver’s side in Peters Creek. The driver’s side of the vehicle was under several feet of water.

Officer Smith

Corporal D. G. Smith and Officer D.W. Smith detected a strong odor of fuel coming from the vehicle. The officers immediately entered the water to attempt to rescue anyone in the vehicle. As they approached the vehicle Corporal D. G. Smith was able to break the glass sunroof. Officers observed the driver still in the driver’s seat with his head under water.

Corporal D. G. Smith and Officer D. W. Smith extracted the driver and were able to move him out of the frigid water. Once on the bank of the creek, they discovered that the driver did not have a pulse. They began administering chest compressions until EMS arrived. Officers re-entered the frigid water in attempts to check for any additional victims.

In recognition of their professionalism and quick actions in the performance of their duties, both Corporal D. G. Smith and Officer D. W. Smith, have been selected as the 2015 Officers of the Year.

Friday, April 8, 2016 - Employee of the Year 2015

FSDS Karen S. Watson

FSDS WatsonChief Rountree will present the Winston-Salem Police Department's 2015 Employee of the Year to Forensics Services Division Supervisor Karen S. Watson on Friday, April 8, 2016, at 4:00 p. m. in the Public Safety Center Auditorium.

The Winston-Salem Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division created a Domestic Violence Committee to prepare for its 2015 Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign. FSDS Karen Watson agreed to serve on this committee without hesitation. One of the initiatives for the 2015 campaign was for the Police Department to obtain its own Silent Witnesses. In years past the police department always borrowed the Silent Witnesses belonging to Family Services of Forsyth County.

While exploring options for obtaining Silent Witnesses, FSDS Karen Watson selflessly volunteered to make them herself. Family Services allowed the WSPD to borrow some of their Silent Witnesses which Karen used to make a template. She dedicated more than 60 hours of her personal time and energy to create ten Silent Witnesses for the Winston-Salem Police Department and the 2015 Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign; to include one of our very own, Sergeant Mickey Hutchens. Winston-Salem Police Department employees provided financial sponsorship for Sergeant Hutchens’ Witness, while community businesses sponsored the other nine.

The police department’s Silent Witnesses were unveiled during the domestic violence awareness month ceremony at City Hall in Winston-Salem on October 1, 2015. 100% of the Silent Witness sponsorship donations were donated to the Family Services of Forsyth County to provide resources for the Battered Women’s Shelter.

In recognition of her selfless actions in ensuring the success of this initiative, FSDS Karen Watson has been selected as the 2015 Employee of the Year.

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