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Above and Beyond Awards

Each day, the men and women of the Winston-Salem Police Department engage in outstanding work that is vital to the safety and general well-being of the city. At times, our officers and non-sworn employees go well beyond the scope of their daily duties or perform in a manner that is exemplary and “Above and Beyond” what is expected of them. It is important that those acts be recognized and applauded.

All nominations for the Above and Beyond Award have been carefully considered and the following personnel have been selected:

Sergeant H. L. Geddings

Sergeant Geddings

 After the formal move was made into the District Two Office, Sergeant H. L. Geddings began to search for a way his squad could make a positive impact in the area. Sergeant Geddings was able to find a mentoring program, with the assistance of Sergeant S. A. Karboski, through the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club.

The mentoring program took place at the end of the summer months, and lasted six weeks. The mentoring program involved the interaction of Sergeant Geddings, Officer Hill and Officer Nowotny with 3rd - 8th grade boys during scheduled gym time. The program times were generally scheduled day time hours which, on several occasions, conflicted with these officers scheduled work days (midnight shift).Officers Hill and Nowotny took it upon themselves to make arrangements to attend during the daytime despite being scheduled to work that same night. They voluntarily did this to set an example for these youth and to show them that police officers care for others. 

Due to the unselfish acts displayed by Sergeant Geddings and Officers Hill and Nowotny, the countless hours of off-duty time spent with these youth, and efforts to create a positive image of police for today's youth, they were awarded the Winston-Salem Police Department's Above and Beyond Award.

Officer P. M. Hill and Officer C. S. Nowotny

Officer Hill

  Officer Nowotny

Sergeant A. R. Marion

Sergeant MarionDuring the month of August 2017, Hurricane Harvey struck the greater Houston area and surrounding areas of Texas. Following this disaster, Sergeant A. R. Marion took it upon herself to set up collection points around the Public Safety Center for clothing, toiletries, and other necessities. Sergeant Marion initiated these collection points for law enforcement officers which were affected by the hurricane.

On September 14, 2017,  Sergeant Marion was able to completely fill a mini-van full of the collected items. These items were transported to Roxboro, North Carolina where other departments had donated items as well. The items were then loaded onto a truck and sent to the Houston area to aid our brothers and sisters in blue who were affected by the hurricane.

For the initiative, extra personal effort and action taken by Sergeant A. R. Marion, she was awarded the Winston-Salem Police Department's Above and Beyond Award.

Corporal A. N. Swaim

Corporal SwaimCorporal A. N. Swaim managed the Winston-Salem Police Department Food Booth during the 2017 Dixie Class Fair. Corporal Swaim has managed this food booth for the department since 2013. Each year the food booth has increased its profit, allowing more money to be used for holiday meals and other important benefits to the police department. During the 2017 Dixie Classic Fair, the food booth raised its largest profit since its inception of $10.000.

For her efforts in managing the food booth, Corporal Swaim is being awarded the Winston-Salem Police Department's Above and Beyond Award. 

Officer J. C. Britter

Officer BritterDuring the month of December 2017, Officer J. C. Britter organized the Annual Red versus Blue Battle of the Badges blood donation with the Winston-Salem Fire Department and the American Red Cross. Officer Britter has been a key resource in organizing this event for several years.

While being a blood donor is not appealing to everyone, Officer Britter is always able to make this an extremely successful event. A total of 145 units of blood were donated to assist the American Red Cross. This was an increase over last year's donation. These 145 units will be able to help 435 people in need of life saving blood.

This has traditionally been a competition between the police department and fire department. For the second year in a row, due to Officer Britter's organization, encouragement, and dedication of her personal time, the Winston-Salem Police Department brought in more donations than the fire department by 85 to 71.

For her personal time, effort and dedication to organizing this event, giving others the "Gift of Life", Officer Britter is being awarded the Winston-Salem Police Department's Above and Beyond Award.

Officer V. C. Costner

Officer CostnerOfficer V. C. Costner investigated a domestic violence disturbance involving a dispute between two roommates. During the incident it was determined that one of the parties, not on the lease, needed to leave the home to avoid increased conflict. This party had no means of leaving due to haven given all of their funds to the lessee of the apartment for shared rent.

Officer Costner took it upon himself to secure lodging at a local hotel with his personal funds. This avoided the party from being left out in the inclement weather and elements. The party involved was from out of town and had no means or relatives which could be of assistance.

Due to Officer Costner's caring and kindness, and at his own personal expense, the party was able to be removed from a potentially escalated domestic situation. For this, Officer Costner is being awarded the Winston-Salem Police Department's Above and Beyond Award.

Thursday, December 3, 2015 - Medal of Merit

Officer T. T. McFadden

Officer McFadden

Chief Rountree will present the Winston-Salem Police Department's Medal of Merit to Police Officer Travis T. McFadden on Thursday, December 3, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. in the Public Safety Center Auditorium.

The Medal of Merit is presented to officers who performed in a manner that exceeded department standards and prevented a probable loss of life or serious injury.

Officer Travis. T. McFadden was reporting for duty at The Kingswood School, where he serves as the assigned School Resource Officer. Officer McFadden was traveling and observed a singe-vehicle collision that had taken place off the roadway, between R. J. Reynolds High School and Wiley Middle School. The vehicle involved was initially traveling eastbound when it crossed the center line and ran off the north side of the roadway. The vehicle collided with a steel structure that covers the tunnel access utilized by students to travel underneath to the gymnasium. The vehicle came to rest in the precarious position of being wedged on the walls of the tunnel, suspending it over the tunnel entrance. The transmission of the vehicle was still engaged, making the position of the vehicle very unstable. The driver was able to escape from the vehicle, but a small child was still inside, fastened in a car seat.

Officer McFadden arrived on the scene and was able to quickly assess the dangerous situation. He determined that significant injury or death could occur to the child if the unstable vehicle shifted and fell into the tunnel entrance - an approximately 10 foot drop. Officer McFadden took immediate action, and without regard to his own safety, by climbing into the suspended vehicle in an effort to render assistance and remove the child from the unstable vehicle. Officer McFadden safely removed the child from the vehicle, and away from danger. The child was not injured.

For Officer McFadden's quick response and decision to put the life of the child above his own safety, he is awarded the Medal of Merit.

Life Saving Medal

Officer W. M. Herrin

Officer HerrinOfficer W. M. Herrin responded to a report of a person standing on the Peters Creek Parkway bridge over US 421. Officer Herrin was in close proximity to the call and arrived on the scene shortly after the dispatch. Upon his arrival, Officer Herrin saw a male subject on the outside of the guardrail holding on to the railing looking down at traffic below. It was apparent that the subject was contemplating suicide by jumping from the bridge.

Officer Herrin, without regard to his own safety, approached the male in an effort to prevent him from jumping. Officer Herrin grabbed the subject by the arm and pulled him back over the guardrail preventing the subject from jumping from the bridge. Officer Herrin then established a rapport with the subject and convinced the subject to seek mental health assistance. If it was not for Officer Herrin's quick response and actions, the male subject would most likely have taken his own life by jumping from the bridge into moving traffic on US 421.

The Lifesaving Medal may be granted to any employee for the saving of a human life or the attempt to save a human life. "Saving of a human life" or the "attempt to save a human life" is providing substantial assistance to another such as, but not limited to, the removal of a person from a place or situation where death would be imminent if the victim were not immediately removed, or the administration of CPR, Heimlich maneuver, stopping the free flow of blood, the directing of life saving instructions, or the performing a specific act without which death would be imminent.

Officer Herrin's actions resulted in the saving of a citizen's life. We are honored to present Officer Herrin with a Certificate of Commendation and the Winston-Salem Police Department's Life-Saving Commendation Medal.

Officers of the Year 2017

Sergeant J. B. Keltner, Corporal C. J. Doub, Officers A. B. Conrad and D. L. Warren

Sergeant KeltnerCorporal DoubWarren         

Officers were dispatched in reference to a vehicle fire with an elderly woman trapped inside. Upon their arrival, Sergeant J. B. Keltner, Corporal C. J. Doub, and Officers A. B. Conrad and D. L. Warren located the burning vehicle. The officers acted immediately to aid the trapped female. Through a combined effort and excellent teamwork, the officers were able to suppress the fire long enough to extract the unresponsive driver. The officers then carried the female across the street to get her away from the vehicle which was, at this point, fully engulfed in flames.

The involved officers rendered aid to the female until Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel arrived and transported her to a local hospital for treatment. The selfless actions taken by all four officers, and at great personal risk, resulted in the saving of the female's life.

In recognition of their heroic actions in the performance of their duties, Sergeant K. B. Keltner, Corporal C. J. Doub, and Officers A. B. Conrad and D. L. Warren have been selected as the 2017 Officers of the Year.

Employee of the Year 2017

FST D. J. Robinson

FST RobinsonForensics Services Technician (FST) D. J. Robinson was dispatched to the Forsyth County Law Enforcement Detention Center to complete a Gunshot Residue Test on a subject in reference to a shooting. Upon his arrival, FST Robinson began completing the test when he observed the subject begin having some form of medical emergency. Upon questioning the subject, it was learned that the subject had consumed an unknown quantity of drugs and alcohol. Shortly thereafter, the subject became unresponsive and began to have convulsions.

FST Robinson immediately began life-threatening efforts on the subject by performing chest compressions while another employee retrieved Naloxone. FST Robinson continued emergency chest compressions until the Naloxone was administered and more advanced care from Emergency Medical Services (EMS) was available. FST Robinson's quick recognition of a life-threatening situation and his willingness to step in and provide emergency medical care resulted in saving the subject's life.

In recognition of his heroic actions in the performance of his duties, Forensics Services Technician D. J. Robinson has been selected as the 2017 Employee of the Year.

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