Police Department News

While out of town on personal business, Police Chief Barry Rountree initiated the following actions upon being notified on Travis N. Page’s death on Dec. 9, 2015:

  1. Personally contacted Scott Williams, special agent in charge, Northern Piedmont District of the State Bureau of Investigation, to request an SBI investigation.
  2. Immediately reassigned the four involved police officers to administrative duties and initiated an internal investigation into the incident by the department’s Professional Standards Division.
  3. Telephoned City Manager Lee Garrity to brief him.
  4. Telephoned Bishop Todd Fulton, president of the Ministers’ Conference of Winston-Salem and Vicinity, to brief him.
  5. Telephoned Council Member James Taylor, chairman of the Public Safety Committee, to brief him.
  6. Directed Assistant Police Chief Scott Bricker and Police Captain Catrina Thompson to meet with the Ministers’ Conference to discuss the incident and the police response.
  7. Directed members of the Police Department command staff to attend Council Member Derwin Montgomery’s community meeting the evening of Dec. 10 in expectation that citizens would want to discuss the incident.
  8. Directed department staff familiar with the case to attend the previously scheduled Community Trust Talk at the Polo Recreation Center on Dec. 11.
  9. Met with Travis Page’s mother to explain the investigative process.
  10. Met with District Attorney Jim O’Neill to discuss the case and the investigative process.


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