Go Green Winston-Salem


Sustainability Goals as identified by Legacy 2030

  • Environmentally Sensitive and Sustainable Development - Develop and redevelop land in a manner that will meet our future needs while protecting our natural areas and resources. Low-impact development and the LEED program are examples of ways in which we can achieve this goal.
  • Energy conservation, Efficiency and Alternatives - Increase energy conservation and efficiency in all sectors of development to promote a sustainable energy future. Our community can move towards accomplishing this goal by using renewable energy resources such as solar, using more alternative fuel vehicles, and reducing overall energy use as individuals and a community.
  • Environmental Regulations - Encourage the creation and enforcement of science-based and cost effective environmental regulations at a city and county level.
  • Environmental and Sustainability Awareness - Increase community understanding of the area's natural systems and related environmental and sustainability issues. In order to do this, it is recommended that the city keep an open dialogue with citizens related to environmental issues as well as continuing to promote environmental programs such as Community Roots Day and Big Sweep.

City Departments and Employees Take a Role in Being "Green"

Fleet Services

  • recycles scrap metal, oil, antifreeze, lubricants, tires, batteries
  • AVLs in city vehicles
  • Clean Fuels Advanced Technology grant for 31 propane vehicle kits
  • Use of alternative-fueled vehicles: hybrids, E85, CNG, electric,


  • biosolids created from solid waste and used for fertilizers
  • water conservation measures
  • landfill maintenance
  • collecting methane from landfills to prevent its release into the atmosphere
  • 3RC EnviroStation, Hazardous Waste


  • stormwater pollution prevention plans
  • efforts to educate citizens about good practices
  • efforts to educate businesses about good practices
  • sampling and monitoring program for creeks and streams
  • ordinances to reduce erosion, flooding and pollution to creeks, streams, and rivers

Vegetation Management

  • Urban Forestry
  • proper care of trees and landscaping around the city
  • riparian buffer maintenance
  • litter control

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