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About our office

The Office of Sustainability is responsible for researching and recommending improvements concerning greenhouse gas emissions and energy use on an annual basis. This office was also given the appointment to analyze the latest in trends of what the City of Winston-Salem is doing to provide services that reflect the city's leadership in energy and environmental awareness.

What we're working on now

STAR logoSTAR Communities - The STAR Community Rating System (STAR) was built by and for local governments in 2012. Local leaders use STAR to assess their sustainability, set targets for moving forward, and measure progress along the way.

CDP LogoCDP Reporting - CDP, formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project, is a non-profit that runs a global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states, and regions. The City of Winston-Salem has been reporting to this platform since 2015.

City Sustainability Goals as identified by Legacy 2030

  • Environmentally Sensitive and Sustainable Development - Develop and redevelop land in a manner that will meet our future needs while protecting our natural areas and resources. Low-impact development and the LEED program are examples of ways in which we can achieve this goal.
  • Energy Conservation, Efficiency and Alternatives - Increase energy conservation and efficiency in all sectors of development to promote a sustainable energy future. Our community can move towards accomplishing this goal by using renewable energy resources such as solar, using more alternative fuel vehicles, and reducing overall energy use as individuals and a community.
  • Environmental Regulations - Encourage the creation and enforcement of science-based and cost effective environmental regulations at a city and county level.
  • Environmental and Sustainability Awareness - Increase community understanding of the area's natural systems and related environmental and sustainability issues. In order to do this, it is recommended that the city keep an open dialogue with citizens related to environmental issues as well as continuing to promote environmental programs such as Community Roots Day and Big Sweep.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Did you know that Winston-Salem has electric vehicle charging stations located in and around the downtown area? We are always working on increasing the number of these stations, and currently have three locations.

Location 1 - Old Salem Roundabout in the tennis court area.

Old Salem EVC location

Location 2 - 4th and Church Street parking garage through the 4th street entrance.

4th and Church location

Location 3 - Bailey Park area at Patterson Ave and 5th Street.

Bailey Park EVC location

Community Events

Earth Week at Wake Forest University - The WFU Office of Sustainability will be hosting their annual Earth Week celebration from March 18-March 23. There will be events all week, with a focal community lecture by Majora Carter. 

For other events, Piedmont Environmental Alliance includes environmental activities happening throughout the piedmont on their monthly calendar

Monthly Links

The Trend Continues, 2017 one of the Hottest Years on Record - 2017 was the second-hottest year on record according to NASA. That means that the most recent three years have also been the hottest years recorded, continuing to demonstrate that climate change is happening.

In honor of February being Black History Month, we will highlight the work of a black environmentalist. This year, we focus on Majora Carter. Carter may be best known for founding the Sustainable South Bronx organization in 2001, serving as Executive Director until 2008. During that time she built a reputation as being a leader in the field of environmental justice. She will be the keynote speaker on March 21 at Wake Forest University in honor of their Earth Week celebration. She has also done a TED talk on "Greening the Ghetto."

What you can do to help...

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