Sanitation Division Staff


Sanitation Director  Nicholas Geis Johnita Campbell

, Sanitation Director, 336-747-7444

, Assistant Sanitation Director, 336-734-1484

, Assistant Sanitation Director, 336-734-1556

, Senior Administrative Assistant, 336-747-6987

 Terry Administrative Secretary Carly Dunno GIS ADMINISTRATOR

, Sanitation Safety Inspector, 336-747-7354

, Administrative Secretary, 336-748-3172

, GIS Administrator, 336-734-1495

, Senior Office Assistant, 336-747-6989


Sanitation Manager

, Sanitation Manager, Yard Waste, Curbside Collection, 336-734-1489


Recycle Today Administrator Coleman Hill

, Recycle Today Administrator, 336-747-6970

, Sanitation Supervisor, Recycling

Yard-Waste Cart

Cheryl McIlwain Yard Waste Supervisor

, Sanitation Supervisor, Yard-Waste Carts, 336-727-2704

Curbside Collections


, Sanitation Supervisor, Curbside Collections, 336-734-1486


, Sanitation Supervisor, Bulk Container Collection, 336-734-1487

Central Business


, Sanitation Supervisor, Central Business District, 336-734-1507

Refuse collections

Mack Sanitation Supervisor Geoffrey Whitfield

, Sanitation Supervisor, Refuse Collection, 336-734-1490

, Sanitation Supervisor, Refuse Collection, 336-734-1494

, Sanitation Supervisor Refuse Collection, 336-734-1501


, Fleet Data Technician, 336-397-7577

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