Stormwater/Erosion Control Division

Presentation from the Bowman Gray Environmental Remediation Project Community Meeting on 12/15/2016

The revised edition the Total Maximum Loading Implantation Plan is now available [pdf/715.79kb/15p]

Blum Park Wetlands Presentation [pdf/3.6mb/18p]

What's a Creek Crawl all about? [video]

Groundwater Pollution Committee Meeting [pdf/4mb/159p]
Hanes Hosiery Recreation Center
April 28, 2016

April Groundwater Pollution Committee Meeting Agenda [pdf/27kb/1p]

April Groundwater Pollution Committee Meeting Minutes [pdf/242kb/5p]

Groundwater Pollution Committee Meeting Presentation March 17, 2016 [pdf/4.35/19p]

Video of Groundwater presentation

Below is listed follow-up information from the groundwater pollution public meeting, January 6, 2016:

Groundwater Pollution Citizen Presentation [pdf/4.7mb/21p]

NCDWM KI Info Packet [pdf/1.33mb/6p]

Phase I_Indoor Air Sampling Report [pdf/53p]

Stokes Avenue Indoor Air Report [pdf/4.5mb/139p]

Earlier information on groundwater pollution:

Bowman Gray Methane Presentation [pdf/6mb/21p]

Groundwater Pollution Public Information Meeting
Presentation from the March 31, 2015, Meeting at Hanes Hosiery Recreation Center [pdf/5mb/16p]

28th Street Environmental Assessment 2015 [pdf/43mb/434p]

“Water has a voice. It carries a message that tells those downstream who you are and how you care for the land."
— Bernie McGurl, Lackawanna Association.

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Did you know that...

60 percent of stream miles in the continental U.S., or more than 207,000 miles, only flow seasonally or after storms.

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News and Updates

Storm Drainage Improvements on Private Property

Under certain circumstances the city will address storm drainage problems on private property. The property must be zoned residential and owned by the occupants. In addition:

  • The problem must be caused by street water;
  • For newly constructed houses, the owner must have received a certificate of occupancy at least two years before requesting assistance;
  • The assistant city manager for public works must determine that the drainage problem causes flooding in the dwelling or otherwise threatens the structural integrity of the dwelling; causes severe erosion of the drainageway; threatens to deny access to property that would be accessible; impedes the flow of water due to fallen brush and vegetative debris.
  • The total cost of the improvements must not exceed $50,000.
  • All requests for storm drainage improvements on private property must be approved by the City Council, and owners must pay 30 percent of the cost.

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Report polluters!

Only rain belongs in the storm drain. Call 336-747-7480 to report polluters.

"All the water that will ever be, is right now."
- National Geographic, October 1993

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Our mission is to restore, protect, and preserve the surface waters within the City of Winston-Salem and to maintain, repair, map, and evaluate drainage systems within the street right-of-way.

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