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Project Updates

Week of January 28, 2019

Contractors will continue sidewalk replacement on W. Walnut Street using recently selected paver color.

Street Lighting Infrastructure: 
Contractors will continue installation of light post bases (three each) near the cul-de-sac on S. Main Street and at select locations on W. Walnut Street (two each).

No updates at this time.

Installation of storm pipe and modified catch basins at the intersection of Walnut Street and Church Street.  Storm pipe will also be installed at two locations on Salt Street.

Sewer repair at the Salem College Fine Arts building (Elberson Fine Arts Center) is nearing completion with the exception of paving the parking lot.  Contractors are expected to continue bursting sewer line on Salt Street.

For more information on current work site locations, closures, and detours, please reference the "Map of Project Elements" near the bottom of the page.


View street section closure schedule chart [pdf/1p]
Look for closure dates under the "Project Updates" section.

View the project element locations undergoing improvements during Phase 1 [pdf/1p]
Old Salem Rehabilitation Phase 1: June 2018 to January 2020

Project Elements

Construction of infrastructure improvements for the first phase of this project, which has been contracted with Ramey, Inc. started April 2, 2018. This project is proposed to reduce the potential for injury due to uneven and broken sidewalks, re-establish tree canopies, improve street lighting and maintain consistency with historic preservation requirements. Excavation plays a large role in this project.  Therefore, the City has contracted an archaeologist to ensure that any cultural artifacts of significance unearthed during process are properly cataloged and preserved.

On April 3, 2018 city Council Member John Larson and city staff presented details on the first phase of the rehabilitation at the Old Salem Visitors Center. View Old Salem Infrastructure Improvements presentation [pdf/12mb/23p].

Phase 1 of the work includes replacement of or improvements to the following elements:


This project includes removal and replacement or repair of broken and buckled sidewalks in the Phase 1 area with salvaged brick or with new brick, as needed. A temporary pebble-stone sidewalk material will be installed over the large tree roots at some existing trees to remain to minimize tripping hazards.

Street Lighting Infrastructure

Existing streetlights are broken, difficult to maintain, and complicated to replace. This project includes replacement of the electrical ductbank and streetlight bases in the Phase 1 area in preparation of new lampposts and fixtures in Phase 2.


This project includes removing and replacing damaged and missing trees in the Phase 1 area. The proposed tree removals and replacements are as approved by the City's arborist and the Historic Resources Commission. A total of 32 near-dead trees will be removed and 57 new trees installed. Tree types are consistent with HRC guidelines and include maples, oaks, black gum, sourwood, hackberry and American (Princeton) elms. New trees will be installed with structural soil tree pits to foster tree root growth. Citizens may expect the near dead trees to be removed in the near future and new trees to be installed in stages as the work progresses.

View tree save schedule [pdf]


Existing storm drains are severely deteriorated. This project includes removing and replacing storm drains under roadways and catch basins throughout Old Salem (both Phase 1 and Phase 2). This work will be performed within the streets and sidewalks.


Existing water and sewer lines are aged and deteriorated. This project includes removing and replacing all water and sewer lines under roadways. Water service lines will be replaced from the water main to the meter box at each property throughout Old Salem (both Phase 1 and Phase 2). Sewer service lines will be replaced from the sewer main to the cleanout in the sidewalk at each property throughout Old Salem (both Phase 1 and Phase 2). This work will be performed within the streets and sidewalks.

Current Work Area

Project Element Progress Map

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect work to be done around my residence?

The contractor has developed a work schedule. Please refer to the timeline section of the website for information regarding work schedule and location. The progress map will also show a top view of the work locations as the contractor progresses along.

What are the different color markings on the ground?

The contractor is currently conducting survey work. Locating services provide marks on the ground that indicate where underground utility lines are. It is important to properly survey a construction site to identify where underground utilities are so they can be avoided.

How will the construction affect traffic patterns?

The contractor is responsible for managing adequate traffic flow throughout Old Salem. All road closures will have clearly indicated detour routes and adequate detour signage. All road closures will be called out in the project updates section of the website in advance.


For more information on this project, contact Jeffrey Fansler, Acting Deputy Director of Transportation, at .

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