The Enforcement Response Plan


It is the responsibility of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Utility Commission for the City of Winston-Salem, hereafter referred to as Utility Commission to enforce all applicable Federal, State, and local pretreatment regulations. These regulations are outlined in Federal regulation 40 CFR 403 and State regulation 15A NCAC 2H .0900, and the Utility Commission’s Sewer Use Resolution (SUR). This Enforcement Response Plan (ERP) has been established as an element of the Public Operated Treatment Works (POTW) pretreatment program. The purpose of the ERP is to provide for fair and equitable treatment of all users for anticipated enforcement situations. In general, enforcement actions will be taken in accordance with the ERP. However, the enforcement actions available are not exclusive as discussed in the SUR, Article IX. Therefore, any combination of the enforcement actions can be taken against a non-compliant user.

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