Boards and Commissions Information Form

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Name of Board/Commission: Urban Food Policy Council

Date: 11/08/2017

Authority for Creation: The authority for establishing the Urban Food Policy Council is Chapter 2, Section 2-63(a)(11) of the City Code, which was adopted by the City Council on April 17, 2017.

Purpose/Function: The purpose of the Urban Food Policy Council is to initiate and promote actions that increase food access in the city of Winston-Salem, with a particular emphasis on activities in the urban core.

Method of Appointment: The council shall be composed of 9 members of the public. Members shall have an interest in the food system, including food production, distribution, marketing, processing, consumption, access, disposal, etc. Members shall be residents of the City of Winston-Salem but cannot be employees of the City of Winston-Salem. Members shall be recommended by the Mayor and approved by the City Council.

Number of Members: Nine

Terms of Office: Three members shall be appointed for a three-year term. Three members shall be appointed for a two year term. Three members shall be appointed for a one year term. All subsequent appointments shall be for three-year terms.

Meeting Date, Time & Location: 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in City Hall, Public Works Conference Room

Chief Staff Person Title Telephone Number
Regina Hall Reintegration & Youth Development Manager 336-734-1238

Current Membership - Urban Food Policy Council

City Council Appointments

Name Race/Gender Term Expiration
Marcus Hill
B/M 2 09/20
  2 09/20
Jennifer Filipowski
W/F 2 09/20
Megan Regan
W/F 1 09/19
Syndney Richardson B/F 1 09/19
Tembila Covington B/F 1 09/19
Scott Andree Brown
W/M 1 09/18
Michael Banner B/M 1 09/18
Melinda Hash B/F 1 09/18

Special Notes:

  • 1* = Serving more than 50% of an unexpired term (more than one year & seven months of the term has expired).
  • 0* = Serving less than 50% of an unexpired term (less than one year & six months of the term has expired).


Food Policy Resources

Click on the PDf for a list of Food Policy resources including information on the the NC Local Food Council, Food Councils in the Triad, ways to connect through the Food System Leadership Network, and Community Food Strategies Facebook Group. 

This PDF also includes reports like the Forsyth Food System Assessment,  Forsyth Farmland Preservation Plan, Winston-Salem Food Access and ncImpact's Creating a More Inclusive Economy for Forsyth Count. 

There's also a link the report from the Mayor's Poverty Thought Force Initiative.