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Historic Resources Commission - Sept. 29, 2015

R. Michael Leonard of Bethania and Heather Fearnbach of Winston-Salem have received the top awards presented annually by Preservation North Carolina.

Leonard received the Ruth Coltrane Cannon Award, North Carolina’s most prestigious preservation award, in recognition of his lifelong advocacy, service and activism to the cause of historic preservation.

Fearnbach, the author of “Winston-Salem’s Architectural Heritage,” received the Robert E. Stipe Professional Award, the organization’s highest honor to working professionals who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to preservation as part of their job responsibilities.
The awards were presented Sept. 18 during Preservation North Carolina’s annual conference in Salisbury. Also honored during the conference were Joe and Jodi Williams for the restoration of the Rosenbacher House at 848 W. Fifth St., and the external restoration of Korner’s Folly in Kernersville.

Preserve North Carolina honored Leonard, a longtime supporter of The Conservation Fund and its current chairman of the board, for his lifetime of service. “The cumulative impact of Leonard’s work to preserve the state’s natural and built heritage is astounding,” the organization said, “resulting in the protection of over 125,000 acres in 22 counties.

“In Asheville he recently facilitated development of the state’s first municipal watershed. He helped raise money to protect lands around the Cowee Mound in Macon County and to permit the state to acquire the William R. Davie House in Halifax. He has worked with Preservation North Carolina to protect Swan Ponds in Burke County, the Hanes House & Farm in Clemmons, Flyway Farms on Knotts Island and the Loesch Woolen Mill in Bethania.”

Fearnbach was honored not only for the architectural heritage book but also for her cumulative work as an architectural historian, which includes architectural surveys of cities and a county, historic context reports, historic structures reports and restoration plans, local historic landmark designation reports, historic preservation applications, numerous professional papers, countless presentations at meetings of local and statewide organizations and service on the boards of six statewide or local preservation organizations.

The organization praised “Winston-Salem’s Architectural Heritage,” as “unparalleled in the state for its expansive coverage of a city’s architectural history and for its level of research that brings forward a phenomenal amount of new information and a large number of previously unpublished documentary photographs. For the state, Winston-Salem’s Architectural History is a model of what a survey publication can be.”

Korner’s Folly and the Williamses were presented Gertrude S. Carraway Awards of Merit, which honor individuals or organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to historic preservation.

The Williamses restored the 1909 Rosenbacher House to its original footprint, restored all public spaces on the first floor and rehabilitated the second floor into offices for LMI Construction Inc.

Korner’s Folly was honored for extensive exterior restorations to brick foundation and chimneys of the 1880 house in Kernersville built by Jule Gilmer Körner.

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