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The City of Winston-Salem is currently working on a new website, and we are asking the public for feedback on new elements that we plan to include on it.

The online survey for our Alpha Website is open through Friday, April 12. Please follow these instructions [pdf/2p] to provide your feedback, as some elements intentionally were not developed fully. The final website design will differ from the Alpha Website, but we plan to keep these new elements.

A primary goal with the new site is to make our services as easy to Find, Request and Track as possible. Below are some of the main ways we plan to accomplish this.

Service Shortcut pages

screenshot of Service Shortcut page

Our top priority for Find and Request is to create search-optimized "Service Shortcut" pages. On these pages, customers can quickly see all possible methods to request or complete a service and choose the method they prefer. Then, customers are given easy-to-follow instructions on how to complete the service.

"I Want To..." list

screenshot of I Want To section on Alpha Site

Another high priority for Find is to create a centralized list of most requested services called "I Want To". The services will be organized under a handful of common categories like Pay, Request or Register, so the customer can intuitively select "I want to pay water bill".

Our top priority for Track is to upgrade our City Link system. That upgrade is taking place in a separate, but parallel and coordinated project, to the website project.

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