Accessibility Statement

The City of Winston-Salem strives to make our web site and our services available to all citizens by following the guidelines of the W3C for accessibility.

  • Images have alt tags to explain what the image is showing.
  • Text size is scalable; using relative-size fonts.
  • Text equivalents are provided for non-text items such as Flash movies and video content-rich pages.
  • Lists of items are marked up as lists.
  • Links are designated by underlining, except in specific navigation sections.
  • Forms can be navigated and submitted by using the keyboard.

If you are having any difficulty with this site, please contact the webmaster and explain what you are trying to do and the problem with completing the task.  E-mail the webmaster at:


WebAnywhere is a web-based program that runs on any computer and allows a web page to be read aloud to you with controls similar to JAWS or Window-Eyes. Once you go to the WebAnywhere site listen to the Keyboard commands, and then use the special URL address box to surf to the web pages you want to access.

WebAnywhere is found at

To change the view size of the text on web pages, go to your View menu and look for the "Text Size" item and then choose "larger" or "increase" to make the letters bigger. This change will also cause the page to print the larger size text. Images will not be changed. (This works if the page is designed to allow it.)

Adobe PDF files can be processed through the Adobe web site for screen readers.

Google has a test version of Accessible Search that rates web pages by accessibility factors. Copy a page URL and try it at


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