Citizens' Organizational Efficiency Review Committee Documents

During the fiscal year 2012-13 budget workshops, the City Council directed the City Manager to conduct a comprehensive review of the city's organizational structure, staffing, and efficiency, in response to the ongoing impact of the economic recession on the city budget. The last major review of city government was undertaken by the Citizens' Efficiency Review Committee (CERC) in 1999.

For this year's organizational efficiency review, city management is performing a two-tiered review driven by both an internal group of top management staff and a citizen review committee. The internal group, under the direction of the City Manager, reviewed relevant operational and financial data and solicited ideas for improved operational efficiencies from departments and employees. The internal group completed its review in November of 2012.

In September 2012 the City Council created COERC which is composed of nine members with experience in sound business practices and representing areas such as industry, businesses, universities, and health care institutions. 

The duties and responsibilities of the Committee include:

  • Reviewing the recommendations presented by the City Manager's appointed internal review team.
  • Assessing the efficiency of city operations.
  • Review organizational structure, staffing, scheduling, and overtime policies.
  • Identifying operational and/or structural changes that result in budgetary savings.
  • Prioritizing services so that lower priority services or programs may be eliminated or reduced.
  • Forwarding a report of findings and recommendations to the City Council (February or March).
  • Performing such other tasks as the City Council may direct (possibly through adoption of the Fiscal Year 2013-14 budget).

Citizens' Organizational Efficiency Review Committee Members

  • Glenn Orr, Chair
  • John Davis, Vice Chair
  • Karen Bartoletti
  • Lida Hayes-Calvert
  • Harold Holmes
  • Arthur King
  • Karen McNeil-Miller
  • Bruce Shelton
  • Pat Swann

Citizens' Organizational Efficiency Review Committee Executive Summary and Final Report  [pdf/12.3mb]  

Below are the various resources that were distributed to the citizen review committee.

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