About the CBD Planning Division

Role and Functions

The Housing Development Division develops housing and neighborhood revitalization plans and programs that accurately reflect local needs and conditions and citizens' desired strategies and outcomes. The Department effectively and efficiently coordinates the implementation and administration of adopted plans and programs.

The Housing Development Division is responsible for oversight and coordination of local and federally-funded housing and community development programs that are administered by City departments, the County Office of Housing, and other public and non-profit agencies. The functions of the department are as follows.

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Planning and Evaluation
Administration and Oversight
Housing Assistance and Neighborhood Revitalization

1. Planning and Evaluation: Includes strategic and management planning, program evaluation, project/program development and applying for funds. The single most comprehensive and important planning document is the five-year Consolidated Plan under which all federal housing funds are attained. Other plans produced by the department on an ongoing basis include the annual Homeless Needs assessment (Continuum of Care), Redevelopment Area plans, Neighborhood Strategy Area Action plans, detailed project implementation plans, budgets, schedules and program policies and procedures.

2. Administration and Oversight: Responsible for assuring program accountability in the use of Federal funds to support housing and certain economic development activities in the City and County; specifically ensures that the activities funded and the persons benefitting are eligible under program guidelines, performance is accurately reported, and that all of the applicable regulatory requirements are met.

3. Housing Assistance and Neighborhood Revitalization: Activities administered by the department internally or through Subgrantee agencies.

  • Neighborhood Redevelopment and Improvement - Planning assistance and funding provided to eliminate substandard housing and negative environmental conditions. Neighborhood improvement plans are developed with neighborhood residents and include a combination of renovation and demolition of existing substandard property with construction of new homes. Plans must be reviewed and approved by the Board of Aldermen in accordance with State law.
  • Housing Production - Technical and financial assistance provided for for-profit and non-profit developers for rehabilitation and new construction of owner-occupied and rental housing units that are affordable to low-moderate income households or accessible to those with special housing needs, i.e. elderly, handicapped. The Department also contributes to the revitalization and stabilization of neighborhoods.
  • Housing Assistance - Provides financial and technical assistance to lower income persons and families to attain safe, sanitary and decent housing. Includes counseling and preparedness training of first-time homebuyers. Provides rental assistance for formerly homeless individuals involved in transitional case management in moving across the continuum from homelessness to self-sufficiency.
  • Self-Sufficiency & Continuum of Care - Provides funding for the small business loan, contractor training and construction training programs administered by the Business Development M/WBE Office and Housing and Neighborhood Services Department. Provides the funding, oversight, reporting and evaluation of Continuum of Care and Supportive Services programs, for homeless individuals and families, administered by non-profit corporations and agencies.

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