Community and Business Development Staff

Name and email Administration (336)
D. Ritchie Brooks, Director Community and Business Development Mellin L. Parker, Housing Administrator William (Ken) Millett, Small Business Liaison/Economic Development Specialist Sharon D. Johnson, Rehabilitation Project Supervisor Stephanie M. Stimpson, Auxiliary Programs Coordinator
, Director, 734-1250
, Planning Senior Project Supervisor, 734-1310
  , Business Development Project Supervisor, 747-7472
  , Development Senior Project Supervisor, 734-1289
  Code Enforcement Senior Project Supervisor, 734-1272
  , Minority/Women's Business Division Director, 397-7932
Walter (Bruce) Bailiff, Code Enforcement Project Supervisor
, Community Services Project Supervisor, 734-1255
  , Housing Inspector Supervisor, 734-1257  
Tabetha Bailey, Special Projects Coordinator, 734-1249


Tim West, Program Supervisor Diane Greer, Program Coordinator/Finance and Housing Development Wanda Nichols, Program Coordinator/Redevelopment and Subgrantee Administration Vanessa Banner, Administrative Secretary
, Program Supervisor, 734-1305
, Program Coordinator/Finance and Housing Development, 734-1314
. Program Coordinator/Redevelopment and Subgrantee Administration, 734-1307
  , Senior Office Assistant, 734-1251  
Solomon O. Apara, Senior Rehabilitation Construction Advisor     Roslind I. Thorns, Fiscal Program Coordinator Mary D. WIlliams, Senior Office Assistatant

, Construction Management Project Supervisor, 734-1278
Vacant, Small Business Liaison
Vacant, MWBE Coordinator
  , Fiscal Program Coordinator, 747-7365  
, Loan Officer Assistant, 734-1284
Case Manager 734-1281
Administrative Assistant 734-1311
Vacant, Senior Construction Advisor, 734-1285
  Vacant, Construction Advisor, 734-1259  
  Billy J. Caudle, Jr., Rehabilitation Construction Advisor      
  , Lead Program Manager, 734-1280  
  Kevin Gibson, Lead Program Administrative Assistant, 734-1279  
Candace S. Dobson, Senior Office Assistant Tiffany N. Thomas, Senior Office Assistant Cathy S. Jeffreys, Office Assistant
, Senior Administrative Assistant, 734-1261
, Senior Office Assistant, 734-1264
, Office Assistant, 734-1206
Shakilya Wright, Office Assistant, 734-1252


Ola A. Brown, Neighborhood Conservation Officer Jimmy E. Mullins, Neighborhood Conservation OfficerDaryl L. Green, Jr., Neighborhood Conservation Officer
, Neighborhood Conservation Officer, 734-1260
Vacant, Neighborhood Conservation Officer, 734-1258
Vacant, Neighborhood Conservation Officer, 734-1277
, Neighborhood Conservation Officer, 734-1263
, Neighborhood Conservation Officer, 734-1276
 Gregory D. Parker, Neighborhood Conservation Officer Arnold K. Rogers, Neighborhood Conservation Officer Kelly A. Speaks, Equipment Operator/Medium Bryan C. Watters, Maintenance Worker
, Neighborhood Conservation Officer, 734-1267
, Neighborhood Conservation Officer, 734-1288
, Neighborhood Conservation Officer, 734-1269
, Neighborhood Conservation Officer, 734-1273
  , Neighborhood Conservation Officer, 734-1270  
W. Reginald Glenn, Jr., Senior Crew Coordinator Luther Wardlow, Jr., Equipment Operator/Heavy Michael T. Coker, Maintenance Worker
, Sr. Crew Coordinator, 727-8358
, Equipment Operator/Heavy
VacantMaintenance Worker
, Maintenance Worker
, Maintenance Worker
Steven E. Goldsmith, Jr., Maintenance Worker Erika R. Johnson, Maintenance Worker Cornell R. Walker, Maintenance Worker
, Maintenance Worker
, Maintenance Worker
, Maintenance Worker

General Contact Information

Address : P.O. Box 2511, Winston-Salem, NC 27102-2511
Phone: (336) 727-8597
Fax: (336) 727-2878

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