Due to changes made by the NC State Legislature, only the following types of businesses will need to renew or apply for a City of Winston-Salem Privilege License:

  • Beer and Wine sales
  • Taxicabs
  • Panhandler
  • Door-to-Door Solicitor
  • Pawnbroker
  • Fortune Teller
  • Tattoo Artist

(2015) Other businesses do not require a City Privilege License.

Rate Schedule:

  • Beer on Premise - $15
  • Beer off Premise - $5
  • Wine on Premise - $15
  • Wine off Premise - $10
  • Wholesale Beer - $37.50
  • Wholesale Wine - $37.50
  • Taxicab - $15/vehicle
  • Panhandler - No Fee
  • Door-to-Door Solicitor - $25
  • Pawnbroker - No Fee, $5,000 Surety Bond Required
  • Fortune Teller - No Fee, $1,000 Cash Bond Required
  • Tattoo Artist - No Fee, $1,000 Cash Bond Required

If you have any questions, please contact our Business License staff at (336) 747-6954 for assistance.

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Contact Information

  • NC Dept of Revenue sales/use tax identification numbers. Call (336) 661-6800
  • Businesses selling alcoholic beverages need to obtain certain licenses/permits through the ABC Commission before applying for a City of Winston-Salem license. Visit two locations in Winston-Salem: 2301 N. Patterson Ave. (336) 761-2246 or 3127 Starlight Drive (336) 788-7141.
  • A business that may have to meet health regulations should contact the Environmental Health Division at (336) 703-3225.
  • A business that has three or more individuals working for it should contact the NC Industrial Commission at (919) 733-4820 concerning workers´compensation.

Finance Department Business License staff page

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