Financial Management Services Staff

Chief Financial Officer

Here is the staff listing for the City of Winston-Salem Finance Department. If you have any questions or need more information please call 336-727-8000.

Finance Management Services Administration (336)
Chief Financial Officer 747-6911
Assistant Financial Officer/Treasurer 747-6903
Assistant Financial Officer/Controller 747-6913
Senior Administrative Assistant 747-6898
Financial Technician 747-6899
Accounting Services
Financial Reporting
Accounting Services Manager 747-6912
Senior Financial Analyst 747-6914
Senior Financial Analyst 747-6916
Senior Financial Technician 747-6901
Employee Accounting/Payroll
Employee Accounting/Payroll Manager 747-6892
Sr. Financial Technician - Systems 747-6890
Financial Analyst - Retiree Benefits 747-6893
Financial Analyst - Benefits
Sr. Financial Technician - Pension 747-6896
Vacant Sr. Financial Clerk - Payroll 747-6894
Risk Management
Nick Webster Risk Manager 734-1320
Employee Safety
Safety Inspector 734-1324
Safety Inspector 748-3861
Safety Inspector 748-3860
Risk Management Operations
Financial Technician 734-1323
Claims Adjuster 734-1321
Worker's Compensation
Worker's Compensation Analyst 734-1322

Investment Analyst 747-6902
Senior Financial Analyst 734-1323
Financial Technician 747-6907
Accounts Payable
Maricelis Hernandez Treasury Manager 747-7383
Senior Financial Clerk 747-6908

Senior Financial Clerk 747-6905
Senior Financial Clerk 747-6906
Financial Systems
Senior I.S. Analyst 734-1298
I.S. Project Coordinator 747-6952
Senior Financial Technician 734-1233
Purchasing (areas of responsibility)
Purchasing Director 747-6939
Senior Buyer 747-6938
Financial Analyst/Buyer 747-6929
Financial Analyst/Buyer 747-6933
Construction Specialist/Buyer 747-6936
Financial Technician 734-1598
Senior Office Assistant 747-6934
Internal Audit
Internal Audit Administrator 397-7771
Internal Auditor 734-1202
Internal Auditor 734-1203

City of Winston-Salem Revenue Department

Revenue Division
City Revenue Collector 747-6959
Special Assessments/Mortgage Servicing
Senior Financial Analyst 747-6946
Senior Financial Clerk 747-7344
Senior Financial Clerk 747-6947
Business Licenses/Parking Tickets
Senior Financial Analyst 747-7484
Delinquent Collections
Financial Analyst 747-7482
Debt Set-off
Senior Financial Technician 747-6945
General Collections (Stuart Building)
Collections/Customer Service Supervisor 747-6947
Financial Technician 747-6951
Financial Clerk 747-7494
Vacant Financial Clerk 747-7492
Financial Clerk 747-7489
General Collections (Black Phillips Building)
Senior Financial Clerk 748-3099
Financial Clerk 727-2973
General Invoices

Financial Technician 747-6944
Senior Financial Clerk 747-6942
Storm Water
Accounting Technician 747-6966
Accounting Technician 747-6967
Water/Sewer Billing
Senior Financial Analyst 747-6940
Senior Financial Clerk 747-7346
Senior Financial Clerk 747-7348
Senior Financial Clerk 747-7345
Senior Financial Clerk 747-7325
Water/Sewer Customer Service

Utilities Customer Service Supervisor 747-6949
Financial Technician 747-7323
Financial Clerk 747-7329
Financial Clerk 747-7331
Financial Clerk 747-7333

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