Fire Department - Fire Prevention Bureau Plan Review Requirements


Submit one set of plans electronically to:  or mail to:

Winston-Salem Fire Department Plans Review
Bryce A. Stuart Municipal Building 
Suite 328
100 East First Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Contact our office at (336)734-1290 if you have questions regarding these requirements or to schedule an inspection.

  1. Provide a cover letter with the following information:
    1. Project name and complete project address
    2. Installation Company name and address
    3. Contact Name, Phone number, and Fax number
    4. W-S Building Permit Number (if applicable)
  2. Payment of the plan review fee of $120.00.The plan review fee may be paid on line at  with VISA, MasterCard or Discover debit or credit card. Checks must be made payable to “City of Winston-Salem.”
  3. A scaled and detailed floor plan with the system designer indicated and the date of design. The preferable scale is 1/8 inch and the scale must be clearly indicated on the plans. An elevation view must also be included.
  4. The classification of the commodity to be protected must be indicated. A description of the exact commodity and height must be included to verify the correct classification. The storage configuration, if any, must also be indicated.
  5. The square footage of each riser’s protection area and clear notations of any non-sprinkled areas must be indicated.
  6. Descriptions and specifications for all the systems components including pipe sizes and sprinkler heads.
  7. Hydraulic calculations for the system; this shall include hydraulic calculations for any modifications to a previously hydraulically calculated system.
  8. Type of system being installed (ex – Class I Standpipe, NFPA 13 Wet-pipe Sprinkler).
  9. Standpipe hose thread patterns must be Winston-Salem 2 ½ and National Standard 1 ½. The protection zone is a maximum of 120 feet from the standpipe hose connection as measured around any obstructions.
  10. A scaled site plan must be included indicating the FDC location and all on-site fire hydrants. The building and all fire apparatus access roadways must also be indicated.
  11. The FDC must be 2 ½ inch with Winston-Salem threads.
For your convenience, we have included a link to an interactive informational form. E-mail it along with your plan to

Codes used in the review process:
North Carolina State Fire Prevention
North Carolina State Building
Applicable National Fire Protection Association Standards

NOTE – Additional information may be required prior to approval of the submitted plans. The above requested information is not all-inclusive.

Upon approval of the plans, an approval letter will be issued for the installation of the particular system. When requesting a final inspection, you must submit the Statement of Compliance prior to any inspection being scheduled. If there are multiple fire protection systems being installed at the same location, the final inspection may be held until all trades have completed their installations so that this office may conduct one inspection. Rough-in inspections can be scheduled after approval of any fire protection system.

Statement of Compliance

Section 901.2.1 of the North Carolina State Fire Prevention Code states the following:

“Before requesting final approval of the installation, where required by the Code Official, the installing contractor shall furnish a written statement to the Code Official that the subject fire protection system has been installed in accordance with approved plans and has been tested in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and the appropriate installation standard. Any deviation from the design standards shall be noted and copies of the approvals for such deviations shall be attached to the written statement.”

This Statement of Compliance shall be on the installing company's letterhead with the project name and address clearly indicated along with the type of fire protection system installed. The installer shall print their name and sign their name to this Statement of Compliance.

Additional certifications or information may be required at the final inspection, such as above ground and below ground test certificates for sprinkler and standpipe systems.

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