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The Human Relations Department is collaborating with the University of North Carolina School of the Arts to stage a series of intercollegiate events to help students better understand social justice and women’s empowerment.

Through arts-based community service, empowerment workshops, and lectures, college students from all over Winston-Salem will better understand the privileges, opportunities, or barriers that come with race, gender, and other hallmarks of identity.

The partnership with UNCSA grew out of Ellen Rosenberg’s participation in a panel discussion Human Relations organized last year on race and gender in the presidential election. Rosenberg, a member of the Humanities faculty, subsequently suggested the collaboration, said Wanda Allen-Abraha, the human relations director.

"Dr. Rosenberg’s suggestion was very timely in that the Human Relations Commission has been trying to focus more on youth," Allen-Abraha said.

Rosenberg said that the goal of the partnership is to "reach out to students, people in the arts, special communities, and the general public to stimulate, teach, empower, and motivate us all to move toward actively engaging in a better world."

The first event, held Jan. 22, was led by Vernon Wall of the Social Justice Training Institute and was designed to help students gain a multicultural perspective on social justice issues.

The second event, "Telling your story: A Valentine’s community arts day," will be held Feb. 14 at the Winston Lake YMCA. The public is invited to create a unique Valentine’s Day gift of visual or performance art. UNCSA students will be present to assist; admission is free.

A third event, "The Word Is Women: Stories of empowerment workshop," will be held March 24 on the UNCSA campus for college students and will feature women discussing moments when they felt empowered or marginalized. Their stories will be the basis for interpretive and creative output by the students. For an invitation, send an e-mail to

This intercollegiate program of consciousness and engagement is sponsored by the Human Relations Department; the UNCSA Office of Residence Life and Housing; the UNCSA Office of Student Success; and the Kenan Writers’ Encounters: The Word Is Woman.

For more information call City Link at 727-8000.


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