Utilities Construction and Maintenance Equipment Operator Light

Description of movie:

Workers driving trucks and operating equipment to dig up dirt.

The Utilities Construction and Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining about 2,000 miles of water pipes and 1,500 miles of sewer pipes in the city and county. The division has about 150 employees.

An equipment operator, light with Utilities is responsible for driving pick up trucks, dump trucks or other equipment to take materials and supplies throughout the city and county to install or repair water and sewer lines. The job also includes operating a tamp to backfill ditches with dirt and gravel. When not operating equipment, you would use hand tools such as shovels, rakes and brooms for site preparation, you would perform unskilled and semi-skilled work related to making water and sewer taps, and you would occasionally make minor repairs to equipment.

The job requires manual labor and requires working in all weather conditions. Occasionally, the job may require working during late-night and early-morning hours. To get this job you must have a North Carolina commercial driver’s license and have some experience in operating motorized equipment. This position is eligible for overtime pay.

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