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The Public Technology Institute has honored the MyCityofWS feature of the city’s Web site with a Special Achievement award in its 2007-2008 Solutions Awards. The annual competition honors local governments that apply technology to improve service delivery, reduce operating costs and create new revenue opportunities.

MyCityofWS gives citizens a source of information customized to their interests and delivers that information to them by e-mail. For example, local businesses can be notified when the Bids page is updated. Citizens can be notified when minutes for City Council meetings are posted. Members of Recreation Department athletic leagues can be notified when the latest league standings are posted.

Citizens can also use MyCityofWS to sign up to receive electronic newsletters from various departments and can be sent reminders in advance of calendar events that interest them.

Currently there are almost 3,200 registered users for MyCityofWS. On an average day, the system sends out more than 230 e-mails to registered users.

To become a MyCityofWS member, click on the Sign In link under MyCityofWS (at left). Click on the register link and fill out the form. After registering, new members are sent an e-mail with a link to confirm their registration. This keeps pranksters from signing up people without their permission.

The Public Technology Institute is a national, non-profit, member-supported organization that works with local government officials to identify opportunities for technology research, share best practices, offer consultancies and pilot demonstrations, promote technology development initiatives and develop educational programming.

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