Inspections Staff

Fax: (336) 727-2792

  Name - E-mail Title Telephone
    Administration (336)
  Chris Murphy   Onnie Pleasant Dan Dockery
  Chris MurphyDeputy Director of Inspections, 727-8016
  Onnie Pleasant, Administrative Secretary, 748-3097
  Daniel Dockery, Chief Building Official, 727-2084
    Front Office  
  Monty Sprinkle Mark Hartness Bill Long Jaimie Canty 
  Monty Sprinkle, Permit Office Supervisor, 727-2625
  Mark Hartness, Permit Technician, 727-8586
  Catherine Talbert, Customer Service Clerk, 727-2624
  William "Bill" Long, Administrative Secretary, 747-7425
  Danielle Felske, Permit Technician, 747-7426
  Jamie Canty, Administrative Secretary, 747-7422
  Vacant, Permit Technician, 734-1248
    Records Specialist  
  Lesia Howard
  Lesia Howard, Records Specialist, 727-2624
  Jeff Vaughn John Mary Rothrock Jeff Hunter
  Jeff Vaughn, Senior Zoning Inspector, 727-2830
  John Floyd, Zoning Inspector, 727-2819
  Martha "Marty" Rothrock, Zoning Inspector, 727-2552
  Jeff Hunter, Zoning Inspector, 748-3095
  Amy Lanier, Zoning Inspector, 747-7455
    Plans Review  
  Bucky Frye Desmond Corley Donna Guffey Fred Holbrook Darren Young Perry Williams Phillips
  Bucky Frye, Plans Examiner, 727-2497
  Desmond Corley, Zoning Plans Examiner, 747-7427
  Donna Guffey, Zoning Plans Examiner, 747-7420
  Fred Holbrook, Plan Review Coordinator, 727-2328
  Darren Young, Plans Examiner, 748-3543
  Perry Williams, Plans Examiner, 747-7464
  Tracy Phillips, Plans Examiner, 747-7443
    Building Inspectors  
   Alan Putman Kiger    Duane Freedle
  Alan Putman, Senior Building Inspector, 727-8152
  Keith Kiger, Building Inspector, 727-2410
  Glenn Johnson, Building Inspector, 727-8380
  Dwain Freedle, Building Inspector, 727-2414
  Gary Lynch, Building Inspector, 727-2408
    Electrical Inspectors  
  Mark Tighe Terry Parks Brian Sieck
  Mark Tighe, Senior Electrical Inspector, 727-2365
  Matt Gaither, Electrical Inspector, 747-7467
  Luke Beeson, Electrical Inspector, 727-2368
  Terry Parks, Electrical Inspector, 747-7445
  Brian Sieck, Electrical Inspector, 747-7440
    Plumbing Inspectors  
  Rhodes Curtis Lambert Dwight Leviner Joey Rich
  James Rhodes, Senior Plumbing Inspector, 727-2379
  Curtis Lambert, Plumbing Inspector, 727-2427
  Dwight Leviner, Plumbing Inspector, 748-3177
  Joey Rich, Plumbing Inspector, 727-2539
    Mechanical Inspectors  
  Alex Ellis Troy Allgood Jim Story Wade Warren Shawn Todd
  Alex Ellis, Senior Mechanical Inspector, 727-2382
  Troy Allgood, Mechanical Inspector, 748-3542
  Jim Story, Mechanical Inspector, 748-3098
  Wade Warren, Mechanical Inspector, 734-1394
  Shawn Todd, Mechanical Inspector, 727-2387
    Fire Marshals  
  Kay Wall George Frye, Jr. Douglas L. Coble, CFI
  Kay Wall, Senior Office Assistant, 734-1290
  George H. Frye, Jr., CFI, Assistant Fire Marshal, 747-6973
  Douglas L. Coble, CFI, Assistant Fire Marshal, 747-7359
  Eric L. Hutchens, Assistant Fire Marshal, 747-7466

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