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Nominate Winston-Salem for the Google fiber projectWinston-Salem is bidding to be included in Google’s Fiber for Communities initiative and needs city residents to support the effort. Successful communities will have fiber-optic Internet connections that will be more than 100 times faster than what most Americans have today.

If Winston-Salem had such a network, Mayor Allen Joines said, "Our city residents would have instant access to high-definition movies on demand, our doctors could exchange diagnostic images in real time, our businesses could have instant communication with co-workers, affiliates and customers anywhere in the world, and our creative and design professionals could share concepts and mock-ups with distant clients faster than they could pick up the phone. In addition, Winston-Salem would be ideally positioned for the technologies of the future."

Google has announced plans to install ultra-high-speed broadband networks in a small number of trial locations across the United States. These networks will use fiber connections that transmit data at one gigabit (1 billion bits) per second. Typical connection speeds for homes and businesses range from 56 kilobits (56 thousand bits) per second for dial-up access to 5 megabits (5 million bits) per second for cable access. Interested communities have until March 26 to submit their bids.

In choosing sites, Google will be evaluating community support. "We are asking everyone who lives or works in Winston-Salem to show their support by visiting and following the link to nominate our city," Joines said.

In addition, Joines is urging all city residents and businesses to participate in "Google Day" on Tuesday, March 23. "Decorate your home, yard, car, or storefront. Wear Goggle colors to work, or offer a Google special of the day. And be sure to invite all your friends to support our bid. The more support we can put behind the effort, the better our application will be."

To nominate Winston-Salem, and for more information and ideas on how to observe Google Day, visit


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