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What is the M/WBE Program and how can it help me?

A: M/WBE stands for the Minority and Women's Business Enterprise Program. M/WBE provides:

  • Assistance in completing the certification process.
  • Assistance in increasing the City of Winston-Salem's knowledge of your firm's product or service and your desire to do business with the city.
  • Training seminars and workshops that are beneficial to minority and woman-owned businesses .
  • Assistance with the resolution of problems and complaints regarding non-compliance with the M/WBE Program.

What type of firm qualifies as a M/WBE?

A: A business which, at a minimum, is 51% owned and controlled by minority groups or women. For the purposes of M/WBE, Minority Business Enterprises group members are African American, Hispanic Americans, Pacific Rim Asian Americans and American Indian owned businesses. All other American women not included in the above groups are eligible for certification as Women Business Enterprises (WBE) under the M/WBE program.

How are M/WBEs notified of construction, procurement, professional and other services opportunities with the City of Winston-Salem?

A: Certified M/WBEs will receive direct mailings from the Purchasing Department informing them of opportunities within their areas of specialization. Certain notices are advertised in general circulation, trade association, and a minority-focus media. We also post all bid opportunities on our web site under the opportunities link.

What can M/WBEs do to increase their participation in the bidding process?

A: These simple steps can increase your opportunities with the City of Winston-Salem.

     • Become certified

     • Attend pre-bid conferences, seminars, and workshops sponsored by the City
       of Winston-Salem

     • Establish and maintain contacts and relationships with general contractors
       for potential business

     • Respond promptly to solicitation requests

     • Maintain open communication with the City of Winston-Salem, and notify
       appropriate departments regarding any changes in your address, telephone number,
       or scope of work or service offered by your firm.

If I am certified with the state do I still need to be certified with the City of Winston-Salem M/WBE Program?
A: No, the city no longer has a certification program.  You must obtain your certification through the State Wide Uniform Certifcation program administered by the State Historically Underutilized Businesses program. 

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