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The East/Northeast Winston-Salem Area Plan [pdf/5.5mb/104p] was adopted by City Council and the City-County Planning Board in 2008. The plan was prepared by the East/Northeast Area Citizens' Advisory Committee and the staff of the City-County Planning Department.  The plan will guide future land use and public investment decisions and includes recommendations for transportation, community facilities, housing and community development, design and appearance, historic preservation, and economic development.

Boundaries of the Planning Area

East/Northeast Planning Area

The East/Northeast Planning Area [pdf/53kb/1p] encompasses approximately 4,389 acres and is bounded on the north by Akron Drive and the start of Lansing Drive, on the east by Brushy Fork Creek/Branch and US 158, on the south by the Southern Railways, and on the west by US 52. The planning area is divided between the East and Northeast Wards.

Plan Recommendations

  • Promote a mix of development types and densities in order to facilitate walking, bicycling, and the use of public transportation;
  • Apply traditional neighborhood design principles and standards to residential and commercial areas;
  • Develop appropriate neighborhood-scale nonresidential uses in areas already zoned for commercial development and in designated neighborhood and metro activity centers and recommended commercial areas;
  • Strengthen existing businesses and encourage additional economic development;
  • Protect residential areas from inappropriate commercial and industrial encroachment;
  • Promote residential infill development;
  • Promote the expansion of institutions in the planning area in a manner compatible with surrounding neighborhoods;
  • Develop the East Winston Metro Activity Center (MAC);
  • Develop the Liberty Street, Reynoldstown, New Walkertown Road/Fourteenth Street, Jetway, New Walkertown Road/Carver School Road, Old Greensboro Road/Barbara Jane Avenue, and Glenn Avenue/Ogburn Avenue Neighborhood Activity Centers (NACs);
  • Consolidate industrial uses at the two existing locations in the planning area, Lowery Street and Airport Business Parks;
  • Develop mixed-use opportunity sites: Union Station, Conference Center, and New Walkertown Road/Dellabrook Road;
  • Provide sidewalks throughout the planning area;
  • Continue a high level of public transit in the area;
  • Make improvements to various roadways and interchanges, including US 52, US 158, and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive;
  • Modify existing roadways to safely accommodate bicycles and pedestrians;
  • Expand recreational opportunities and open space in the planning area;
  • Expand the greenway network in the area;
  • Facilitate the development of affordable housing and increased homeownership in the area;
  • Create community gateways in the planning area;
  • Pursue the nomination of East Winston for listing on the National Register of Historic Places;
  • Encourage preservation of historic structures through zoning initiatives, such as the adoption of neighborhood conservation overlay and historic overlay districts and through working with the Historic Resources Commission to expand the number of local landmark properties in the area; and,
  • Protect water quality in the planning area.

Contact Information

Marco Andrade, Project Planner, (336) 747-7057

 Revised: 10/1/2013

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