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North Central Winston-Salem Area Plan coverThe next North Central Winston-Salem Area Plan Update meeting will be Tuesday, October 28, 2014, from 6;00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center, 2001 Pittsburg Avenue, Winston-Salem. Planning staff will be presenting preliminary land use recommendations [pdf/200kb/10p] to reflect changes that have occurred in the community over the last seven years and to guide development in the area over the next decade. The plan's next meeting, scheduled for November 18, will over the topics of  transportation improvements, community facilities, historic preservation, economic development, and the natural environment.

The plan's kickoff meeting, held on September 16, covered the Existing Conditions Report [pdf/6mb/26p], which is a summary of the North Central Planning Area's demographic and land use trends over the last seven years. It includes current and proposed street and highway improvements, community facilities, environmental features, a list of historic resources, as well as several maps of the area. Attendees shared positive and negative attributes, as well as needs for the area [pdf/500kb/2p].

The current North Central Winston-Salem Area Plan [pdf/2.6mb/96p] was adopted by City Council and the City-County Planning Board in 2007. The plan was prepared by the North Central Area Citizens' Advisory Committee and City-County Planning Department staff. The plan will guide future land use and public investment decisions and includes recommendations for land use, transportation, community facilities, community development and housing, design and appearance, historic preservation, and economic development.

Boundaries of the Planning Area

North Central Winston-Salem Planning Area

The North Central Planning Area [pdf/300kb/1p] encompasses approximately 2,000 acres and is bounded on the north by Reynolds Boulevard and Akron Drive; on the east by US 52; on the south by Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Eighth Street, and the Southern Railway; and on the west by the Old Town Country Club. The planning area is in four city council wards. Approximately one-half the planning area is in the North Ward, approximately one-third is in the Northeast Ward, and the balance is in the East and Northwest Wards.

Contact Information

Kelly Bennett, Planner, (336) 747-7062

Updated 10/23/2014

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