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Northwest Winston-Salem Area Plan [pdf/5.12mb/94p]

The Northwest Winston-Salem Area Plan was adopted by City Council  and the City-County Planning Board in 2012. The plan was prepared by the Northwest Winston-Salem Citizens' Advisory Committee and the staff of the City-County Planning Department. The plan includes recommendations for land use, transportation, community facilities, design and appearance, historic preservation, and environmental issues.

Planning Area Boundary

Northwest Winston-Salem Area Plan Boundary

The Northwest Winston-Salem Planning Area [pdf/975kb/1p] is nearly 4,000 acres (6.1 sq. miles) and is bounded on the west by Silas Creek Parkway; on the north by the Shoppes at Reynolda Village, the Reynolda Woods neighborhood and Old Town Country Club; Arbor Acres, the Children's Home, R.J. Reynolds High School and Hawthorne Avenue on the east; and Business 40/US 421 on the south. The planning area has land in the Southwest, West, Northwest and North City Council Wards and is completely within the City of Winston-Salem’s zoning and planning jurisdiction.

Plan Recommendation Highlights

Proposed land uses are shown on the Proposed Land Use Map [pdf/1.3mb/1p]. The following other recommendations are among those included in the Northwest Winston-Salem Area Plan, beginning on page 29:

  • Protect residential areas from inappropriate residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial encroachment. 
  • A 9.69-acre area located near the southeast corner of Silas Creek Parkway and Robinhood Road may be suitable for urban residential, attached single-family development up to five dwelling units per acre, if access can be obtained on Robinhood Road opposite the intersection of the Silas Creek Parkway exit ramp (see page 39).
  • An area of up to 4.41-acres at the northwest corner of Arbor Road and Pilgrim Court, opposite Arbor Acres, may be suitable for moderate-density residential multifamily development up to eight dwelling units per acre (see page 39).
  • An area of up to 1.48 acres located at the southeast corner of Silas Creek Parkway and Country Club Road may be suitable for moderate-density residential multifamily development up to eight dwelling units per acre (see page 39). An area of up to 17.4 acres bounded by W. First Street, Cloverdale Avenue, Business 40 and the Norfolk-Southern “L” line may be suitable for high-density residential multifamily redevelopment for urban scale townhome, condominium or apartment development (see pages 39 and 42).
  • Twelve lots fronting the south side of W. First Street between the Norfolk-Southern “L” rail line and Cloverdale Avenue may be suitable for conversion of the existing structures from residential to small-scale office use (see page 42).
  • The present 3.77-acre Masonic Lodge property located on Miller Street may be suitable for future retail or office use (see page 43).
  • An area of up to 18-acres located at the southeast corner of Coliseum Drive and Pilgrim Court may be suitable for redevelopment to an urban mix of retail, office and residential uses that would cater to surrounding neighborhoods or sports and entertainment customers (see pages 43, 45, and 46).
  • To allow institutions to grow and expand to meet their needs in a manner compatible with their surrounding neighborhoods:
  • The size of The Children’s Home complex at 200-acres makes it difficult to project future land uses since it could be developed in a campus fashion or as a mix of institutional, office and residential uses.  There are site features that can be preserved and protected regardless of the uses for which it is developed (see pages 45 and 47).
  • With future expansion of The Children’s Home property, a Reynolda Road Connector will need to be constructed from Thurmond Street to Reynolda Road at Meadowbrook Drive (see page 52).
  • To facilitate walking, bicycling, use of public transportation and rail with new development and redevelopment in the Planning Area.
  • Study the Wake Forest University area to provide safe and viable connections for pedestrians, bicyclists and transit users from Wake Forest University to the adjacent community (see page 54).
  • Study Coliseum Drive between Robinhood Road and Pilgrim Court to consider reducing the number of vehicle travel lanes and providing bicycle and pedestrian accommodation except during Coliseum and Fairgrounds events (see page 51). 
  • Implement part of the Cloverdale Avenue Pedestrian Study to reduce the number of vehicle travel lanes on Miller Street between Cloverdale Avenue and the five points intersection of W. First Street, Country Club Road and N. and S. Stratford Roads to provide bicycle and pedestrian accommodation (see page 52).
  • Construct sidewalks in the following locations (see page 54):  Bitting Road from Greenwich Road to Knollwood Street; Country Club Road from Avalon Road to Knollwood Street; Forest Drive from N. Stratford Road to Dartmouth Road;  Greenwich Road from Country Club Road to Knollwood Street; Westover Avenue from Buena Vista Road to Spring Garden Road; and Westview Drive from S. Stratford Road to Country Club Road.
  • Install on-street bike lanes or shared lane markings at the following locations (see page 55): Country Club Road from Silas Creek Parkway to Stratford Road; Miller Street from Stratford Road to Cloverdale Avenue; N. Hawthorne Road from Runnymeade Road to Glade Street; N. Hawthorne Road from Glade Street to Lockland Avenue; N. Stratford Road from Country Club Road to Reynolda Road; and Northwest Boulevard from Reynolda Road to Broad Street.
  • Install pedestrian crossings at the following locations (see page 54): On Reynolda Road between the entrances to Reynolda House and Graylyn Conference Center and on Coliseum Drive between Arbor Road and the entrance to Graylyn Conference Center.

Contact Information

Steve Smotherman, Project Planner

, Project Planner • (336) 747-7066

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