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South Suburban Area Plan [pdf/9.79mb/100p]

The South Suburban Area Plan was adopted by the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners and the Winston-Salem City Council in 2011 and the City-County Planning Board in late 2010. The Plan was prepared by the South Suburban Area Citizens' Advisory Committee and the staff of the City-County Planning Department. It includes recommendations for land use, transportation, community facilities, housing and community development, design and appearance, historic preservation, economic development, and environmental issues.

Planning Area Boundary

South Suburban Area Plan Boundary

The South Suburban Planning Area [pdf/640kb/1p] is bounded on the north by Silas Creek Parkway and I-40, on the east by Thomasville Road, on the south by the county line, and on the west by Ebert Road. The planning area is located in the South and Southeast City Council Wards and in unincorporated areas in the county and is within the City's and County's zoning and planning jurisdictions.

Plan Recommendation Highlights

The following recommendations are among those included in the South Suburban Area Plan, beginning on page 37:

  • Concentrate the highest density and mix of development at the Peters Creek and the Oliver’s Crossing Activity Centers.
  • Facilitate development of W. Clemmonsville Road/S. Main Street, Konnoak Drive/S. Main Street, S. Main Street and W. Clemmonsville Road/Old Salisbury Road, S. Main Street/Fishel Road and the Willard Road/Thomasville Road Activity Centers.
  • Encourage the mix, type, density and design of development that facilitate walking, bicycling and the use of transit facilities.
  • Protect residential areas from inappropriate residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional encroachment. 
  • Cluster residential development on large undeveloped parcels identified for residential use to protect natural features, natural vegetation, historic resources, farmland, and provide open space.
  • Locate industrial uses in areas identified for business and industrial parks concentrated off US 52.
  • Concentrate commercial development in designated areas and do not allow it to take the form of strip development along the major roads in the planning area.
  • Allow institutions to grow and expand to meet their needs in a manner compatible with their surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Emphasize site design that creates variety-rich neighborhoods.
  • Encourage the revitalization of older and underutilized commercial and industrial sites and buildings.
  • Construct the proposed extension of the Salem Creek Greenway.
  • Create new parks and recreation areas at identified potential park locations.
  • Improve accessibility in the area, including improvements to US 52, NC 109 (Thomasville Road) and W. Clemmonsville Road.
  • Implement proposals for sidewalks on identified roads.
  • Implement proposals for road improvements to accommodate bicycles.

Contact Information

Kirk Ericson, Principal Planner

, Principal Planner • (336) 747-7045

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