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Southeast Winston-Salem Area Plan Cover

City Council adopted the Southeast Winston-Salem Area Plan Update [pdf/39mb/64p] in September 2013. The City-County Planning Board recommended approval in July 2013. The plan contains recommendations on topics such as land use, transportation, community facilities, and historic preservation.


Planning Area Boundary

Southeast Winston-Salem Planning Area

The Southeast Winston-Salem Planning Area [pdf/550kb/1p] encompasses approximately 4,000 acres. The planning area is bounded on the north by the Norfolk-Southern Railway and property lines between Terry Street and Wintergreen Road; on the east by Salem Lake, Hall-Woodward Elementary School, Wintergreen Road, Coleen Avenue, and Oaklawn Memorial Garden Cemetery; on the south by I-40; and, on the west by US 52. The entire planning area is within the City’s zoning and planning jurisdiction. 

Plan Recommendations

The following recommendations are included in the Southeast Winston-Salem Area Plan:

  • Promote a mix of development types and densities in order to facilitate walking, bicycling, and the use of public transportation.
  • Apply traditional neighborhood design principles and standards to residential and commercial areas.
  • Develop appropriate neighborhood scale nonresidential uses in areas already zoned for commercial development and in designated activity centers and recommended commercial areas.
  • Strengthen existing businesses and encourage additional economic development.
  • Protect residential areas from inappropriate commercial and industrial encroachment.
  • Develop the Waughtown/Thomasville, Waughtown/Peachtree, Waughtown/Pleasant, and Southeast Plaza Acitvity Centers.
  • Implement Design and Appearance Recommendations for commercial districts.
  • Consolidate industrial uses at the identified locations in the planning area.
  • Develop mixed-use opportunity sites: former Nissen Wagon Works and the intersection of Thomasville and Clemmonsville Roads.
  • Provide sidewalks throughout the planning area.
  • Continue a high level of public transit in the area.
  • Modify existing roadways to safely accommodate bicycles and pedestrians.
  • Expand recreational opportunities and open space in the planning area.
  • Develop the quarry at Reynolds Park according to its master plan; develop the Flat Rock Neighborhood Park.
  • Expand the greenway network in the area.
  • Facilitate the development of affordable housing and increased homeownership in the area.
  • Encourage the preservation and recognition of significant historic structures.
  • Encourage the study of the unique mid-twentieth-century architecture that exists in the planning area.

Contact Information

Marco Andrade, Project Planner

Marco Andrade, Project Planner • (336) 747-7057


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