The HRC holds its monthly meeting the first Wednesday of the month in the Public Meeting Room, Fifth Floor, Bryce A. Stuart Municipal Building (formerly City Hall South), 100 E. First Street (southwest corner of N. Church and E. First Streets).

Below are the 2014 Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) Applications, Staff Reports, and COAs. For more information, please contact Michelle McCullough at (336) 747-7063 or by e-mail at  

Major Work Certificate of Appropriateness Applications
Mtg Date Address Staff Report COA
2014-001  1/8/2014 905 Carolina Ave, Winston-Salem Demolition and construction of structure Approved
2014-002  1/8/2014 816 Burke Street, Winston-Salem Installation of signage Approved
2014-003  1/8/2014 1411 W First Street, Winston-Salem Installation of signage Approved 
2014-005   2/5/2014 800 Chatham Road, Winston-Salem  Comprehensive Rehabilitation of Buildings & Site  Approved
2014-006   2/5/2014 111 Dellabrook Road, Winston-Salem  Demolition of 1970s Addition to House & New Roofing  Approved 
2014-007   2/5/2014 West Academy Street, Winston-Salem  Removal of Rail Fence & Installation of Snake Rail Fence; Installation of Signage  Approved 
2014-009   3/5/2014 909 S Main Street, Winston-Salem Installation of Fencing Approved 
2014-011   3/5/2014 511 Jersey Avenue, Winston-Salem  Removal of Two Black Walnut Trees Approved 
2014-012   3/5/2014 1311 Brooktown Ave., Winston-Salem  Removal of Two Maple Trees  Approved 
2014-013   3/5/2014 2100 Bethabara Road, Winston-Salem  Installation of Stain Glass Window  Approved 
2014-014   3/5/2014 508 Salt Street, Winston-Salem Restoration of House to ca. 1850 Period  Approved 
2014-018  4/2/2014 1200 Glade Street, Winston-Salem Remove existing monument sign & replace 


2014-019  4/2/2014 521 Jersey Ave. to 529 Jersey Ave., Winston-Salem Removal of damaged sidewalk & replace  Approved 
2014-021   5/7/2014 418-420 West End Blvd., Winston-Salem  Building Addition Approved 
2014-023   5/7/2014 413 S Main Street, Kernersville  Exterior Alteration Approved 
2014-024   5/7/2014 5809 Stanleyville Drive, Rural Hall  Landscaping/Site Alteration Approved
2014-030   6/4/2014 1004 Brookstown Avenue, Winston-Salem  Exterior Alteration Approved
2014-031   6/4/2014 Restroom Building at the intersection of West and Salt Streets, Old Salem  New Construction or Addition Approved 
2014-032   6/4/2014 433 South Main Street, Winston-Salem   Demolition Approved
2014-037  7/2/2014 909 West End Blvd., Winston-Salem   Landscaping/Site Alteration  Approved 


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