What's a Blueprint?

Description of movie:

Interviewing "people on the street" for their ideas on what a blueprint is.

Question: "What's a blueprint?"
Answers: "A map of something." "A design for a structure or building." "Brainstorming." "Planning."

Question: "What if you make one small change in a blueprint?"
Answers: "Then it won't be complete." "Depends on what you're changing." "Probably  not too much."

Question: "What if you ignore a lot of a blueprint?"
Answers: "Pieces don't fit together." "You don't get the building you wanted." "You've completely changed the outcome of what you started to make."

Question: "Did you know that legacy is our blueprint for a better community?"
Answers: "I did not, but I do now." "No, I didn't know that, but it does make sense."

Our blueprint for a better community

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