Description of movie:

Showing a cartoon map of a city with buildings and cars. A voice says, Once upon a time people lived in cities. These cities had downtowns surrounded by neighborhoods. they all lived together in a happy grid that made it easy to get from here to there.

Then the cities grew suburbs. The suburbs grew like leaves on a branch, each connected to a main road by a single stem. Each suburb was a sheltered harbor with no through traffic. .. and they called this progress.

Then the suburbs filled up and there was trouble. With only one way in and one way out, the cars lined up every morning, waiting to get out. For, there was only one way in and one way out. One day a delivery truck broke down on the way out.... no one was happy that morning. And one day a house burned down when an accident kept the fire truck from reaching the one way in.

And all those cars from all those suburbs feeding into one main road made that road very crowded and the people said, "They call this progress?" Isn't there a better way?

Our blueprint for a better community

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