Planning News Archive


This page lists past issues of Planning News, a bi-monthly newsletter produced by the City-County Planning Board. Each edition is listed by year and month with the feature article. See the Planning Newsletter page for the most recent edition of Planning News.



January  2012 – A Year of Planning for the Future [pdf/176kb/2p]
March     Legacy 2030 Adopted Countywide [pdf/154kb/2p]
May   Winston-Salem Celebrates 100 Years! [pdf/232kb/2p]
July   Visualization in the Southeast Winston-Salem Area Plan [pdf/1.6mb/2p]
September   Pythian Hall Historic Marker Unveiled [pdf/1.2mb/2p]


January  2012 - A Year of Anticipation [pdf/171kb/2p]
March    New Guidelines for Old Salem and
Bethabara Historic Districts [pdf/249kb/2p]
May  Historic Preservation Month - 2012 [pdf/211kb/2p]
July  Legacy 2030 Public Hearing Scheduled
September  Planning Board Adopts Legacy 2030 Plan [pdf/171k/2p]
November New Downtown Plan Promotes Progress [pdf/233k/2p]


January  Looking back....Looking Forward [pdf/140kb/2p]
March Forsyth County Unique Blend of Urban and Rural [pdf/183kb/2p]
May Give input on Community's "blueprint for growth" [pdf/252kb/2p]
July Discussions Continue on the Growth by 2030 [pdf/335kb/2p]
September Learn How Your City Works at Bookmarks Festival [pdf/216kb/2p]
November 19th Annual Community Roots Day [pdf/316kb/2p]


January  Making Sense of Place [pdf/191kb/2p]
March 2010 Census Billboard Winners are Announced [pdf/237kb/2p]
May Historic Preservation Month [pdf/254kb/2p]
July Kids in Planning Program creates Wilson City [pdf/230kb/2p]
September New Area Plans to Begin Work [pdf/324kb/2p]
November Eighteenth Annual Community Roots Day [pdf/267kb/2p]


January  Establishing a Legacy [pdf/153kb/2p]
March Architectural Survey [pdf/217kb/2p]
May Historic Preservation Month [pdf/169kb/2p]
July Linking the Future [pdf/206kb/2p]
September Winston-Salem:Growth, Resilience, Adaptability [pdf/556kb/4p]
November CAC Awards [pdf/286kb/2p]


January  Time for Reflection [pdf/94kb/2p]
March Voluntary Agricultural District Program [pdf/167kb/2p]
May Historic Preservation Month [pdf/231kb/2p]
July HRC Heritage Awards [pdf/152kb/2p]
September Draft Tree Ordinance [pdf/235kb/2p]
November Southwest W-S Area Plan in Process [pdf/163kb/2p]


January  Goldilocks and the Three Zoning Bears [pdf/109kb/2p]
March Public Participation - It's a Good Thing! [pdf/124kb/2p]
May Historic Preservation Month [pdf/149kb/2p]
July Winston-Salem's Newest Historic Markers [pdf/181kb/2p]
September United for United Way! [pdf/155kb/2p]
November Ed McMahon Encourages Unique Communities [pdf/92kb/2p]

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