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This page lists past issues of Planning News, a bi-monthly newsletter produced by the City-County Planning Board. Each edition is listed by year and month with the feature article. See the Planning Newsletter page for the most recent edition of Planning News.



January  Our Community Moving into the New Year…and the Future! [pdf/3mb/2p]
March     Winston-Salem Residential Opportunity Areas Report Now Available [pdf/6.7mb/2p]


January  The Year that Was and the Year Ahead....   [pdf/1mb/2p]
March     Transmission Tower Ordinance Adopted   [pdf/1mb/2p]
May   Historic Preservation Month May 2014   [pdf/2mb/2p]
July  Fourth Street Honored with "Great Main Street" Designation   [pdf/2mb/2p]
September  The Legacy 2030 Update – 2014 Status Report   [pdf/2mb/2p]
October Winston-Salem: A Study in Growth, Resilience, and Adaptability [pdf/5mb/4p]
November Belews Street Neighborhood Remembered  [pdf/3mb/2p]


January  2012 – A Year of Planning for the Future [pdf/176kb/2p]
March     Legacy 2030 Adopted Countywide [pdf/154kb/2p]
May   Winston-Salem Celebrates 100 Years! [pdf/232kb/2p]
July   Visualization in the Southeast Winston-Salem Area Plan [pdf/1.6mb/2p]
September   Pythian Hall Historic Marker Unveiled [pdf/1.2mb/2p]
November Roots Day 2013 in Castle Heights Neighborhood


January  2012 – A Year of Anticipation [pdf/171kb/2p]
March    New Guidelines for Old Salem and
Bethabara Historic Districts [pdf/249kb/2p]
May  Historic Preservation Month - 2012 [pdf/211kb/2p]
July  Legacy 2030 Public Hearing Scheduled
September  Planning Board Adopts Legacy 2030 Plan [pdf/171k/2p]
November New Downtown Plan Promotes Progress [pdf/233k/2p]


January  Looking back....Looking Forward [pdf/140kb/2p]
March Forsyth County Unique Blend of Urban and Rural [pdf/183kb/2p]
May Give input on Community's "blueprint for growth" [pdf/252kb/2p]
July Discussions Continue on the Growth by 2030 [pdf/335kb/2p]
September Learn How Your City Works at Bookmarks Festival [pdf/216kb/2p]
November 19th Annual Community Roots Day [pdf/316kb/2p]


January  Making Sense of Place [pdf/191kb/2p]
March 2010 Census Billboard Winners are Announced [pdf/237kb/2p]
May Historic Preservation Month [pdf/254kb/2p]
July Kids in Planning Program creates Wilson City [pdf/230kb/2p]
September New Area Plans to Begin Work [pdf/324kb/2p]
November Eighteenth Annual Community Roots Day [pdf/267kb/2p]


January  Establishing a Legacy [pdf/153kb/2p]
March Architectural Survey [pdf/217kb/2p]
May Historic Preservation Month [pdf/169kb/2p]
July Linking the Future [pdf/206kb/2p]
September Winston-Salem:Growth, Resilience, Adaptability [pdf/556kb/4p]
November CAC Awards [pdf/286kb/2p]


January  Time for Reflection [pdf/94kb/2p]
March Voluntary Agricultural District Program [pdf/167kb/2p]
May Historic Preservation Month [pdf/231kb/2p]
July HRC Heritage Awards [pdf/152kb/2p]
September Draft Tree Ordinance [pdf/235kb/2p]
November Southwest W-S Area Plan in Process [pdf/163kb/2p]


January  Goldilocks and the Three Zoning Bears [pdf/109kb/2p]
March Public Participation - It's a Good Thing! [pdf/124kb/2p]
May Historic Preservation Month [pdf/149kb/2p]
July Winston-Salem's Newest Historic Markers [pdf/181kb/2p]
September United for United Way! [pdf/155kb/2p]
November Ed McMahon Encourages Unique Communities [pdf/92kb/2p]

Updated: 2/27/2015


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