Local Action Plan to Reduce Emissions of Greenhouse Gases

Sustainability steps of the City-County Planning Board

Existing Reduction Measures in Planning Department Operations

  • E-mail distribution list to community and government stakeholders for pending text amendments, Newsletter and other pertinent information
  • Reductions in printing: Area Plan(s): drafts, process, final document (>100 pages with photographs), and checklists, application forms, Toolkit handouts; all printed information produced by the Planning Dept. available for viewing, searching and downloading on website.
  • Unified Development Ordinances available on web (MuniCode); limited copies for key staff.
  • Implementation of Legacy: i.e. street standards (reduction of pavement width, adds sidewalks, and street trees); sign ordinance; PRD; Infill; reduction of parking requirements for structures built before 1968, within the PB and MU-S zones, and when transit and bike racks are available; etc.
  • RUCA (Revitalizing Urban Commercial Areas); streetscape, lighting, landscaping, parking, and building improvements to urban low income, deteriorated and underutilized commercial areas (3 sites currently funded {$1.5 mil total}).
  • “Z” signs redesigned: size and message standardized, ability to reuse indefinitely.
  • Vanpool for Sign check: monthly vanpool of staff and Planning Board members to rezoning sites.
  • Reusable insulated (hot/cold) glasses to reduce reliance on disposable products.
  • E-mail distribution of Interdepartmental comments to petitioners; electronic acceptance of preliminary sketch plans and staff change inquiries.
  • Use of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) vehicle for staff field work and off-site meetings

Future Reduction Measures for Planning Operations

  • Increase acceptance of electronic zoning applications; i.e. site plans and plats (eliminates multiple hard copies of changing information); reduces paper and trips to City Hall by applicants; continue to work towards development review ‘one-stop shopping’ center.
  • Increase availability of electronic documents, mailing lists, circulation of information, etc.; double-side packets to Planning Board, City Council, etc.  

 Link to the City of Winston-Salem Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Local Action Plan to Reduce Emissions Report July 2008 [pdf/1mb/43p] 

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