Above and Beyond Awards

3rd Quarter Above and Beyond Awards

Each day, the men and women of the Winston-Salem Police Department engage in outstanding work that is vital to the safety and general well-being of the city. At times, our officers and non-sworn employees go well beyond the scope of their daily duties or perform in a manner that is exemplary and “Above and Beyond” what is expected of them. It is important that those acts be recognized and applauded.

All nominations for the Above and Beyond Award have been carefully considered for the third quarter of 2014 and the following personnel have been selected:

Officer K.L. Simmons and Officer A.C. Sawyers

On August, 23, 2014, Officer Sawyers was investigating a possible hit and run accident in the 2200 block of W. Clemmonsville Road and requested K-9 assistance. Officer K.L. Simmons arrived on scene and attempted a track of the suspect.

While conducting the track, Officer Simmons and Officer A.C. Sawyers were notified by a neighbor that an elderly couple lived next door. The neighbor advised earlier he heard yelling coming from the direction of the residence.

Officer Simmons and Officer Sawyers responded to the elderly couple’s residence. While approaching the rear of the residence they observed the hatch was open on the well house. The officers saw a walker and a man’s shoe directly beside the well house. They heard moaning sounds coming from within the well house.

Officer Simmons and Officer Sawyers walked to the well and observed a 95 year old male that had fallen into the well. The officers learned that he fell into the well approximately 2 ½ hours before they located him. He was wedged in the well house and had his leg wrapped around a ladder, preventing him from moving. The officers called for EMS and Fire personnel. Officer Simmons and Officers Sawyers were able to extract him from the well house. It was later discovered he suffered a heart attack while in the well house.

Upon further investigation Officer Sawyers and Officer Simmons located his wife in the residence. It was obvious that she was not able to care for herself. Family members were notified and responded to the residence.

As a result of their teamwork and collaborative efforts these officers exhibited the “One Team” attitude that is a testament to the Service Excellence mission of the Winston-Salem Police Department and the City of Winston-Salem.

Barry D. Rountree
Chief of Police

Friday, September 12, 2014 - Medal of Merit

Chief Rountree presented the Winston-Salem Police Department's Medal of Merit to Police Officers Christopher L. Carleton, Samuel P. Johnson, and Ryan W. Westmoreland on Friday, September 12, at 3:30 p. m. in the Public Safety Center Auditorium.

The Medal of Merit is presented to officers who performed in a manner that exceeded department standards and prevented a probable loss of life or serious injury.

During the early morning hours of July 31, 2014, Officer Carleton was flagged down by a motorist who wanted to report seeing an unconscious female in the parking lot of June Avenue. The motorist further reported he observed this female being carried from the parking lot into an apartment. The motorist was concerned for her welfare.

Officers Carleton, Westmoreland, and Johnson all responded and were able to locate the unconscious female inside one of the apartments. The officers were able to revive the female for a short period of time before she lost consciousness again and then stopped breathing. The officers were quick to request EMS and Fire personnel to respond to the scene, and immediately began life-saving measures (CPR) to aid the female. Through their direct efforts, they were able to assist the female in breathing again. While continuing to monitor her condition while waiting on EMS/Fire personnel to response, they observed the female stopped breathing a second time. The officers again were able to aid in providing life-saving measures (CPR) to preserve her life. EMS and Fire personnel arrived and took over treatment of the female. The female was transported to Forsyth Hospital where she made a full recovery. 

It was later learned the female could have died had the officers not intervened to save her life. 

The actions of these officers clearly demonstrated their commitment to excellence which exceeded department standards and prevented a loss of life or serious injury.

It is Chief Rountree's honor to present Officers Carleton, Johnson, and Westmoreland with a Certificate of Commendation and the Winston-Salem Police Department's Medal of Merit.

Thursday, August 21, 2014 - Medal of Valor

Chief Rountree presented the Winston-Salem Police Department's Medal of Valor to Police Officer Michael P. Moore on Thursday, August 21, at 9 p. m. in the Public Safety Center Auditorium. 

The Medal of Valor is presented to officers who performed in a manner that far exceeded department standards and performed unselfishly without regard for personal safety and prevented an eminent loss of life or serious injury.

On May 04, 2014, Officer Moore and several other officers responded to 4118 Whitfield Road to assist the Winston-Salem Fire Department with a house fire.  A caller advised there was a fire at the residence, and she could hear the female resident inside the house screaming.

Officer Moore was the first emergency responder on the scene and found the residence to be engulfed in flames.  A neighbor advised Officer Moore the female resident was still inside and  screaming. The neighbor further stated she had heard an "explosion."

Officer Moore approached the house and could hear the resident screaming from inside.  Officer Moore climbed a fence in the yard to reach a door on the end of the house.

Officer Moore entered the house and found the resident standing inside screaming hysterically and unable to move, apparently paralyzed with fear.  Officer Moore was unable to convince the resident to leave the house.

Fearing another explosion, and the rapidly growing flames, Officer Moore grabbed the resident  and dragged her from the house.  Once in the yard, Officer Moore had to kick down a portion of the fence in order to get the resident away from the house.  Officer Moore and another officer were able to get the resident across the street and out of danger as the Fire Department arrived to fight the fire.

The resident was transported to Wake Forest Baptist Hospital where it was determined she had been uninjured by the fire, but was in need of insulin.

Had it not been for Officer Moore's immediate response, and unselfish act of entering a burning building to rescue the resident, she likely would have been seriously injured or killed by either the fire/smoke, or from a diabetic episode.

With Officer Moore's heroic action that far exceeded departmental standards, and saved the life of a citizen of Winston-Salem, it is Chief Rountree's honor to present Officer Moore with a Certificate of Commendation and the Winston-Salem Police Department's Medal of Valor.

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