Major Case/Unsolved Homicides – 1931-1970

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Sutton, Harvey T. – IR# 150532

Date of Incident: August 31, 1970 Location: 1300 Gray Avenue

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Porter, Marva M. – IR# 109551

Date of Incident: September 1, 1969 Location: 25th & Bowen Blvd.

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Cook, John F. – IR# 99377

Date of Incident: June 21, 1969 Location: 1759 Vargrave Street

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Guest, Lorain W. – IR# 94253

Date of Incident: May 11, 1969 Location: 1453 Derry Street

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Phillips, Ted H. – IR# 85510

Date of Incident: February 19, 1969 Location: (unknown location)

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Edmonson, Sammy – IR# 49977

Date of Incident: April 20, 1968 Location: 815 North Liberty Street

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Crumpton, Henry – IR# 70888

Date of Incident: October 4, 1968 Location: 200 Blk of Woodland Avenue

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Wall, Maude – IR# 360558

Date of Incident: December 24, 1965 Location: 420 Vine Street

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Williams, Josephine – IR# 326220

Date of Incident: November 6, 1964 Location: Kate Bitting Hospital

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Jowers, Eddie – IR# 321047

Date of Incident: September 2, 1964 Location: 608 North Patterson Avenue

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Scott, Walker – IR# 281360

Date of Incident: January 4, 1963 Location: (unknown location)

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Cranfill, Lewis C. – IR# 277765

Date of Incident: November 13, 1962 Location: 702 Buxton Street

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Cherry, Nancy L. – IR# 114348

Date of Incident: August 12, 1954 Location: under 9th Street at RR Bridge

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 Baity, Issac H. – IR# 50632

Date of Incident: November 22, 1949 Location: 1000 Oak Street

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Stanley, Maxie Lee – S# 471

Date of Incident: March 2, 1939 Location: Clemmonsville Road

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Stanley, Henry P. – S# 471

Date of Incident: March 2, 1939 Location: Clemmonsville Road

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Reavis, Jess – S# 344

Date of Incident: July 11, 1932 Location: 24th & Liberty Street

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George, Charles E. – No case number assigned

Date of Incident: May 8, 1931 Location: Patterson & Northwest Blvd.




Additional Information: Other death investigations may be reviewed by the Cold Case Homicide Unit on a case-by-case basis. If you have information on these cases, or any other unsolved Homicide case, you can call the dedicated TIPS line phone answering system at (336) 726-2039 and leave a message or call Crimestoppers at (336) 727-2800 or the Crimestoppers Spanish line at (336) 728-3904. Other ways to share information is by completing the TIPS form and either submit it online or print and mail it to us at Attention: Cold Case Homicide Unit, Winston-Salem Police Department, P.O. Box 2511, Winston-Salem, NC 27102-2511.


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