Major Case/Unsolved Homicides – 1996-2000

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Frazier, Anthony Sterling – IR# 061516

Date of Incident: December 21, 2000 Location: 2108 Francis Street

Summary – Mr. Frazier was found inside his residence having suffered fatal gunshot wounds.

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Bailey, Betty Jean – IR# 057382

Date of Incident: November 27, 2000 Location: 3411 Old Vineyard Road

Summary – Ms. Bailey was shot inside her apartment.


Childress, James Monroe – IR# 041450

Date of Incident: September 13, 2000 Location: 338 Waughtown Street

Summary – Mr. Childress operated D & S Flea and Consignment Shop on Waughtown Street and was found beaten by customers. Mr. Childress died a few days later as a result of injuries sustained.

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Montes, Antonio Martinez – IR# 020383

Date of Incident: April 30, 2000 Location: 3030 Indiana Avenue

Summary – Mr. Montes was shot during a robbery.

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Hauser, Maurice Renard – IR# 956459

Date of Incident: November 29, 1999 Location: 3630 Bethania Station Road

Summary – Mr. Hauser was found deceased in a field off of Bethania Station Road.

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Parkes, Samantha Kay – IR# 943975

Date of Incident: September 29, 1999 Location: 985 Pinebrook Knolls Drive

Summary – Ms. Parkes was shot in a parking lot.

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Mayoral, Luis Rodolfo – IR# 923935

Date of Incident: May 30, 1999 Location: 300 Maple Street

Summary – Mr. Mayoral was located deceased in his vehicle from apparent gunshot wounds.

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Flowers, Stacy Grettavon – IR# 835736

Date of Incident: June 18, 1998 Location: 407 Goler Street

Summary – Not available at this time.

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Watkins, Melissa Antoinett – IR# 806737

Date of Incident: February 1, 1998 Location: 1020 Duchess Court

Summary – Ms. Watkins was found inside this residence suffering from fatal gunshot wounds.

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Johnson, Teresa Ann – IR# 758236

Date of Incident: September 14, 1997 Location: 4673 Lasley Drive

Summary – Not available at this time.

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Nazario, Pablo Tapia – IR# 675622

Date of Incident: November 26, 1996 Location: 2200 Fanning Road

Summary – Mr. Nazario was found fatally shot inside of his car on Fanning Road.

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Braxton, Timothy Brad – IR# 664090

Date of Incident: October 8, 1996 Location: 400 Goler Court

Summary – Mr. Braxton was found at the entrance to Goler Court suffering from fatal gunshot wounds.




Additional Information: Other death investigations may be reviewed by the Cold Case Homicide Unit on a case-by-case basis. If you have information on these cases, or any other unsolved Homicide case, you can call the dedicated TIPS line phone answering system at (336) 726-2039 and leave a message or call Crimestoppers at (336) 727-2800 or the Crimestoppers Spanish line at (336) 728-3904. Other ways to share information is by completing the TIPS form and either submit it online or print and mail it to us at Attention: Cold Case Homicide Unit, Winston-Salem Police Department, P.O. Box 2511, Winston-Salem, NC 27102-2511.


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