Walking and Jogging Safety Tips

  • Know where you are running/hiking and where help can be accessed.
  • Know your start and end points and the precise path you are taking before you depart.
  • Tell a friend or family member where you are running/hiking, the path you expect to take and how long you expect to be.
  • Always keep your eyes up - don't look at the ground. If you are passing someone, make eye contact and stay confident.
  • Always walk or jog against traffic, so you can always see what is coming.
  • Listen to what is going on around you - listening to music can not only be distracting, but takes away one of your most valuable defenses.
  • Don't go off the beaten path. While it can be invigorating to explore off the beaten path, try to do that when you are with a "buddy" or friend. Don't explore unknown territory on your own. Also, parks or marked paths will often have rangers or other hikers/runners on then, and that provides another line of security.
  • Take a cell phone and whistle with you. These can be used to hail for help if you need it.

 3 people jogging together

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