Vehicle Release


All vehicles deemed eligible for release to the owner should be arranged on appointment basis. While appointments are not required, they are recommended due to the time involved in a vehicle release. Once a vehicle is eligible for release, a certified letter is mailed to the owner. The owner is encouraged to establish contact with Evidence Management staff to obtain the details necessary to complete the transfer of the vehicle to the rightful owner. Payment of administrative fees ($60.00), towing fees (starting at $75.00 and increasing when special equipment or on-call status is employed), and storage fees all may apply. The owner may be required to pay some fees at the Public Safety Center, and to then pay the contracted wrecker service at their business location to complete the transfer, or if the vehicle is stored at the Police Holdover Lot, the owner will be required to accompany the Evidence Specialist to the lot located off Highway 52. The owner will be required to provide their own transportation to where the vehicle is stored and will have to demonstrate availability of a third party to operate or tow the stored vehicle. In all situations involving vehicle releases, the owner is responsible for all maintenance and mechanical issues involving the release of the vehicle.

In all vehicle releases, proper identification to include a valid operator's license must be presented along with title information or bill of sale.

All property releases begin with the officer assigned to your case. Once the officer authorizes the transfer of property, the owner should call and confirm an appointment with Evidence Management Staff at (336)726-7285. Property owners should obtain a case number before contacting Evidence Management. The owner should bring photo identification and any related forms or applications to 1200 Patterson Avenue, Winston-Salem, NC. Hours of operation: Monday through Friday, 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., excluding holidays. The supervisor can be reached at (336) 726-7270.

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