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The Winston-Salem Police Department has completed its investigation into the drowning of Ja’Nae McCullum at Kimberley Park pool on June 26. The 33 reports completed by police personnel during the investigation have been posted on the city Web site and are available for review at the City Secretary’s office, Suite 140 in City Hall, 101 N. Main St., Winston-Salem.

The Winston-Salem Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division conducted a thorough investigation into the incident. The findings of that investigation were presented to representatives for the Forsyth County District Attorney. Both agencies agreed that there was nothing criminal in nature about the incident itself or the actions of individuals and agencies involved. Based on this finding, the criminal investigation was closed.

The investigative reports include those filed by uniformed officers who first responded to the scene, detectives who conducted follow-up interviews, and forensic technicians. These reports contain each officer’s recollection of multiple interviews, all of which must be thoroughly read in order to better understand some of the events that led to this incident.

Police Capt. David Clayton, who supervised the investigation, noted that detectives were not able to answer every question they have about the incident. “Once it was determined that the incident was not criminal in nature, it became apparent that any further questions or review should occur in a venue other than a criminal investigation.”

Also posted online is a copy of the permission slip completed by Ja’Nae McCullum’s mother, authorizing her attendance at swimming outings organized by the Salvation Army Ken Carlson Boys & Girls Club.

Social Security numbers, telephone numbers, drivers’ license numbers, addresses and names of juvenile witnesses have been blacked out on the reports to protect their privacy.

The city and the Salvation Army have been contacted by an attorney for the family of Ja’Nae McCullum. The city has retained Kevin Cartledge, an attorney with Wilson, Helms and Cartledge, in regard to this potential claim. All questions of the city should be directed to Cartledge.

Police report on drowning [pdf/7mb/155p]

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