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(other Silk Plant Forest case documents)

1.Resolution for the Creation of the Silk Plant Forest Citizen Review Committee [pdf/418kb/6p]

2. Timeline [pdf/549kb/11p]

3. Involved Persons List both Criminal Justice Personnel and Citizens

4. Silk Plant Forest Case File, Report # 9580102 (Including Original Report, Supplement Reports, Polygraph Reports, CrimeStoppers, Line-ups, and Miscellanous Documents)

a. Property Reports (By Year) [pdf/16mb/251p]

b. Statements both Transcribed and Written (In Alphabetical Order) [pdf/22mb/643p]

5. Crime Scene Photographs from the Silk Plant Forest Case [pdf/20mb/135p]

6.The Winston-Salem Journal’s Special Report from November of 2004 and Articles Related to the Silk Plant Forest. [pdf/4mb/169p]

7. Committee Minutes [pdf/15mb/725p]

a. February 25, 2008

b. March 25, 2008

i. Confidentiality Agreement

ii. Personnel Privacy Law

iii. Resolution Relating to Settling, Defending, and Paying Civil Claims

c. April 7, 2008

d. April 28, 2008

e. May 22, 2008

f. June 23, 2008

i. Polygraph Presentation

ii. Email from SBI Agent Williams Reference a Statement from a Witness

iii. Old and New General Order 4.8, Polygraphs

iiii. Documents Related to Polygraphs from the Silk Plant Forest Case File

g. July 28, 2008

i. Old and New General Order 4.1, Preliminary and Follow-up Investigations

ii. BLET Outline for Interviews: Field and In-Custody

iii. Two Letters and Supporting Document from Professor Coleman

h. August 25, 2008

i. Old and New General Order 4.14, Line-up Procedures

ii. Draft of Photographic Line-up Summary

i. September 22, 2008

i. Old and New Policy Manual 600 Section

ii. Old and New Report Writing Section 8.01

iii. Old and New WSPD Rules of Conduct

j. October 13, 2008

i. Partial Interview of Michael Barker

ii. Sergeant Byrom’s Notes of Interest

iii. Draft of Polygraph Summary

k. October 27, 2008

l. November 24, 2008

m. December 17, 2008

n. December 22, 2008

i. Letter from Mayor Joines to Guy Blynn

ii. Letter from Thomas Keith to Guy Blynn

o. January 26, 2009

p. February 12, 2009

i. Mayor Pro Tempore Vivian Burke’s Letter to Guy Blynn

ii. Guy Blynn’s Letter to Mayor Pro Tempore Vivian Burke

iii. Winston-Salem Journal Legal Counsel’s Letter to the Silk Plant Forest Citizen Review Committee

iiii. Professor Wayne Kirby’s Report on Pamela Moore’s Recorded Statement

q. February 23, 2009

i. General Order 1.12, Procedure for Official, Routine, & Personal Correspondence

ii. General Order 4.01, Preliminary and Follow-Up Investigations, Revision Date: December 31, 2008

iii. Resolution Extending the Final Report Submission Date For The Silk Plant Forest Citizen Review Committee

iiii. Submission of a Document by Mr. Ferree Reference a Recommendation to Indicate Kalvin Smith was Wrongfully Convicted

r. March 5, 2009

i. COP Memo 04-120, Preservation of Investigative Field Notes

ii. Updated Appendix

iii. Handout from Mr. Ferree, One Page Statement

iiii. Draft of Interview Summaries

s. March 17, 2009

i. Officer Arnita Miles’ Letter to Aaron Marker

ii. Updated Appendix, March 17, 2009

iii. Draft of Committee Report

iiii. Handout from Jet Hollander on Milgram Experiment

t. March 23, 2009

i. Draft of Committee Report

ii. Report Writing Manual, Section 8.32 Preliminary Prosecution Booklet

u. April 27, 2009

i. Select Pages from the Motion to Suppress, November 24, 1997

ii. Draft of Interview Summaries by Ms. Mendezoff

iii. Draft of Statements from Valarie Williams by Ms. Cook

iiii. Handwriting Analysis Report by Sandy Vuncannon

v. May 18, 2009

i. Draft of Interview Summaries of Ms. Mendezoff

ii. Updated Appendix, May 8, 2009

w. June 11, 2009

Is a Special Called Meeting of the Winston-Salem City Council for the

purpose of interviewing retired detective Donald Ray Williams. The Open

Minutes are in this section. To read the entire transcript of this meeting see


x. June 22, 2009

y. July 16, 2009

i. Letter from Police Chief Scott Cunningham to Chairman Guy Blynn

ii. Handout from Jet Hollander to Silk Plant Forest Citizens’ Review Committee

8. Committee Minutes of Closed Session

a. June 23, 2008

b. July 28, 2008

c. August 25, 2008

d. October 13, 2008

e. November 24, 2008

f. January 26, 2009

g. February 23, 2009

h. March 23, 2009

i. April 27, 2009

j. June 22, 2009

9.2008-2009 Committee Investigators’ Interviews/Contacts with City Employees and Citizens (see links below)

City Employees both Current and Former

a. Mike Barker (current)

b. Ted Best (current)

c. Todd Cook (former)

d. Rob Cozart (current)

e. John Grismer (current)

f. Bryan Macy (current)

g. Lonnie Maines (former) [pdf/800kb/8p]

i. August 26, 2008

ii. October 23, 2008

h.Claire McNaught (former)[pdf/73kb/3p]

i. Arnita Miles (former)

j. Linda Nahay-Matheny (former)

k. Randy Patterson (former)

l. Mike Poe (current)

m. Edward Roussel (former)

n. Mike Rowe (current)

o. Mike Sharpe (current)

p. Randy Weavil (former) [pdf/1.7mb/70]

q. Donald Williams (former) SEE APPENDIX 14 for Transcript of Interview

Citizens - Citizens interviews [pdf/1mb/119p]

a. Nancy Baxter

b. Christopher Brown

c. Myra Dixon

d. Paula Glover

e. Vonsa Graham

f. Ashley Hattaway

g. Julian Hattaway

h. Ivadine Hester

i. Walter Hoisington

j. Jerri

k. Ellen Lamoureux

l. Kenneth Lamoureux

m. Burgess Eugene Littlejohn

n. Christopher Matheny

o. Pamela Moore

p. Sandra Peterson

q. Todd Pebbles

r. Vince Rabil

s. Thomas Reich

t. Karen Rhodes

u. Jason Scales

v. Sabin Segers

w. Kalvin Smith (Full Interview on DVD and CD)

x. Stacy Spainhour

y. Williams Speaks

i. November 4, 2008

ii. March 7, 2009

z. Valarie Williams

aa. Andra Wilson (Moore)

bb. Darrell Wilson

cc. Phoebe Zerwick

10. Lab Report for DNA Test of Aaron and Barron Marker [pdf/38kb/2p]

11. Report from Professor Wayne Kirby on Pamela Moore Audio Recording Interview [pdf/29kb/3p]

12. Claire McNaught’s Documents [pdf/435kb/23p]


13. Silk Plant Forest Citizen Review Committee Emails

14. Transcript of D. R. Williams Testimony Pursuant to a Subpoena [pdf/2mb/212p]

a. Questions for D. R. Williams Testimony Pursuant to a Subpoena [pdf/164kb/16p]

b. Copy of Commendation for D. R. Williams [pdf/814k/4p]

15. D. R. Williams’ Reference Documents [pdf/14.5mb/427p]

16.Transcript of Kalvin Smith Trial from December 1, 1997 including the Motion to Suppress from November. 24, 1997 [pdf/4.8mb/545p]

17.Defendant Kalvin Michael Smith’s Second Motion for Appropriate Relief, Dated April 29, 2008 [pdf/19.2mb/615p]


18. Answer and Brief In Support of the State’s Answer To Second Motion For Appropriate Relief, Dated July 17, 2008

19. Defendant’s Response to the State’s Answer, Dated August 18, 2008

20. Hearing on Kalvin Smith’s Second Motion for Appropriate Relief, Dated September 29, 2008

21. Transcript of Kalvin Smith’s Second Motion for Appropriate Relief Hearing, Dated January 5-8, 2009

22.Winston-Salem Police Department’s Administrative Review of the Silk Plant Forest Case Conducted in 2007, Including CD’s A-H [pdf/519kb/34p]

23. Darrell Wilson’s Investigate File

24. DVD of Jill Marker’s Interview with Detectives Barker and Williams, October 31, 1996

25. Report from Sandy Vuncannon on Handwriting Analysis of Kalvin Smith’s written statements from January 24, 1997.

26. DVD of WXII Interview with Donald R. Williams

27. Miscellaneous Documents

28. Documents Received From the Public

29. Interview Summaries Prepared by Committee Member Lois Mendezoff (Including Findings and Recommendations)

30. Additional Court Proceedings from 2009

31. Draft of Court Order to Release Full Committee Report

32. Box containing recordings of Interviews that were conducted and recordings of the Closed meetings. Recordings of the Open meeting will be kept by the City Secretary.

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