Faces Within The Wall

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 Faces Within The Wall

Early, one warm evening

By the light of an unknown star,

I read the names on the memorial wall

Alone, just me and a lonely star.

As a gentle wind

Softly begins to blow,

The lonely star casts

An eerie blue glow.

Letters on the wall

Start to blur,

Faces within the wall

Begin to appear.

Fathers and daughters

Mothers of sons,

Their faces appear

Slowly, one by one.

Eyes with tears

Sparkle bright,

Badges glow,

Reflecting the star’s blue light.

Blue hats adorn

Faces from the past,

Boots shine on feet

That have walked their last.

A single hand

Reaches towards mine,

Crossing the boundaries

From an earlier time.

The trembling hand fades

In the rising moon’s light,

Again I’m alone

In the quiet black night.

The faces within the wall

Are still once more,

Resting in peace



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Poem and image copyrighted © 2004 by Lydia Warner Miller used by permission 

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