Conserve Gasoline & Diesel Fuel

It is more important than ever to use fuel wisely! Save gas!

Go Green Winston-SalemFind more tips on the internet - here are some to get you started.

  • If you are in the market for a new car, consider going electric! Winston-Salem has electric vehicle charging stations located in and around the downtown area. We are always working on increasing the number of these stations, and currently have three locations.

Location 1 - Old Salem roundabout in the tennis court area.

       Old Salem EV station

Location 2 - 4th and Church Street parking garage through the 4th street entrance.

              4th street EV station

Location 3 - Bailey Park area at Patterson Ave and 5th Street. NOTE: This location is temporarily down due to construction.

              Bailey Park EV Station

  • Plan your driving by making a list of where you need to go and the shortest route to get there. Combine several stops and get everything done in one trip. If you avoid rush hour (stop-and-go) traffic, it will help even more.
  • Carpool! Share rides to work, shopping, special events, meetings, etc.
  • Use air conditioning in your vehicle when you are driving on the highway. In stop-and-go traffic, sometimes having the windows open will be sufficient. The air conditioner uses gasoline, but at highway speeds, having the windows open cause drag.
  • Keep your vehicle's engine maintained according to the manufacturer's guidelines.
  • Keep tires properly inflated - not too high or too low pressure.
  • Remove extra weight from your car or truck.
  • Buy the gasoline recommended by the manufacturer and that your engine is tuned for.
  • When you are waiting in a car, do not let your engine idle. By stopping your engine, you are saving emissions (twice as much as when the car is moving!), saving gasoline, and saving on oil.
  • Walk or ride a bicycle to your destination whenever possible!

Should you trade in your SUV?

Should you dump the SUV for a gas sipper? helps consumers answer that question with the release of its Gas-Guzzler Trade-In Calculator. The tool helps consumers determine the pay-back period and fuel savings associated with trading in a fuel-thirsty vehicle for a more fuel-efficient one. To access the tool, visit the web site.

 cars and cars in a parking lot

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