Local Action Plan to Reduce Emissions of Greenhouse Gases

Sustainability steps of Vegetation Management

Existing Reduction Measures in Winston-Salem Government Operations

  • Tree Planting: plant approx 1000 trees per year.
  • Trees planted in rights-of-way and parks.
  • Litter control
    • Collect litter from rights-of-way which prevents litter from reaching waterways.
    • Big Sweep litter control from streams.
  • Riparian Buffer Maintenance
    • Riparian buffers lower storm water velocity, water turbidity, collect litter, cool water temps, and increases water O2 levels. Buffers are in several city parks.
  • Landscaping projects to reduce turf
    • Shrub, perennial plantings to reduce turf mowing needs.

Future Reduction Measures for Winston-Salem Government Operations

  • Reforestation of open areas to reduce mowing. Less mowing equates to less fuel usage, less air pollution. Trees can store 2.3 tons of carbon annually, and use enough CO2 per year to equal the amount produced by driving a car 26,000 miles (Nowak, 1993).
  • Decrease mowing of primary routes from once every two weeks to once every three weeks resulting in reduced fuel usage and exhaust, reduced crew sizes and composition.
  • Reduction in city maintenance of neighborhood flower beds to significantly reduce the maintenance the city provides to annual flower beds at neighborhood entrances resulting in savings on fuel and reductions in exhaust.
  • Installation of wells for athletic field irrigation to reduce demand on potable water supply and reduce costs.
  • Installation of groundcovers in residential cul-de-sacs to reduce mowing costs, fuel usage, and mower exhaust

Read the Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Local Action Plan to Reduce Emissions Report July 2008 [pdf/1mb/43p]

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